Indexing Plungers

Indexing Plungers

Rochehardware is a leading indexing plunger manufacturer and supplier&wholesaler in China. The indexing plungers are elements that enable machine parts to be locked in place or indexed.

The classic index plunger has a grip knob or a pull ring. The knobs or rings are attached to a spring-loaded pin latches, when they have pulled a pin in the other end of the plunger is retracted enabling the connection to be quickly and easily released and repositioned.

Even a mini indexing plunger still guarantees high retaining forces, stable fastenings and easy handling which ensures high process safety during application.

Rochehardware offers indexing plungers are made of different high-quality materials: hardened steel, 304 stainless steel. Plungers in burnished steel have hardened ends for better performance in the locking operation. Some indexing elements provide a series of stop positions for the plunger in the retracted position by the rotation of the knob or of the actuating lever. The threaded body is available in different lengths and diameters to meet most of the requirements of the mechanical industry.

Index plungers are used in machine and fixture applications to lock items in place, especially when indexing a range of motion or a series of positions. Rochehardware offers a broad range of indexing plungers, including options in inch and metric, steel and stainless steel.

The standard indexing plungers as follow: indexing plungers without collar, Cam action indexing plungers, indexing plungers for thin-walled parts, short-bodied indexing plungers,entirely stainless steel indexing plungers, indexing plungers for thin-walled parts, indexing plungers with a plastic pull knob,indexing plungers without knob,precision indexing plungers, lock and clamp indexing plungers.

If you are looking for indexing spring plungers and have detailed requirement ideas in mind, Rochehardware design team will be here to help you. Through our 3 hours rapid response services from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your expert indexing plungers design partner in China.

As indexing plunger manufacturer and supplier, we can answer any indexing plungers tech questions that you may have, please feel free to contact us anytime for your custom indexing plungers design projects.

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Indexing Plungers: Essential Things You Need to Know

Indexing Plungers


For a construction project to be completed seamlessly, quickly and conveniently, there should be the aid of machines and other construction components. Even if you are not really into constructions, do you agree with this?

For most, it’s definitely a Yes!

Of all the many construction components available, are you familiar with indexing plungers? If not, consider yourself lucky! Why? Because this eBook provides you with loads of information that will widen your knowledge and familiarity with indexing plungers.

Chapter 1: What are Indexing Plungers?

Indexing Plungers

You are probably familiar with spring plungers, ball lock pins, and more right? But what about indexing plungers? What are really they?

Now read below…

What is Indexing Plungers?

Indexing plungers also referred to as cam action indexing plungers are among the standardized construction components allowing machine components to be quickly adjusted. Pulling the pull ring or the pull button retracts the pin from the counter piece. Therefore, machine parts will be put in the most appropriate position and then be clamped again.

Rochehardware provides you with quality indexing plungers that come in a wide range of materials, forms, and sizes. The company guarantees that your products will undoubtedly function smoothly and will exhibit top level resistance and quality.

Upon knowing what indexing plungers, you are certainly curious about the different materials, forms and sizes available. But don’t you worry because this eBook will again provide you with the information you need.  You’re indeed feeling lucky, right?

Let us continue…

Indexing Plunger Materials

Indexing plungers are usually made of threaded body and come with or without the knob and of course a plunger. These plungers are made of different top quality materials such as:

  • Stainless steel
  • Hardened steel
  • Aluminum
  • Technopolymer

Indexing plungers in burnished steel are known to have hardened ends for much better performance in terms of locking operation. There are certain indexing elements that offer series of stop positions for indexing plungers for plungers in retracted positions by means of rotating the knob of actuating lever.

The indexing plungers threaded body is available in varied diameters and length in order to meet the requirements of the majority and most especially the mechanical industry. Operating knobs can be red technopolymer or black technopolymer and is frequently required when plungers are utilized in safety-conscious applications.

The ultimate polymer versions provide lightness combined with higher mechanical strength. This particular advanced material is corrosion-resistant and has the ability to withstand various cleaning cycles even with detergents and solvents, therefore, allowing the use of positioning elements in areas like pharmaceuticals and foods.

Also included in the wide range of indexing plungers products are those with integrated safety devices to avoid accidental movements of quick release pin.

What are These Quick Release Pins?

These are hand operated and threaded, so this means that quick release pins are fast and easy to operate. These are generally utilized to hold shear loads in plated steel and stainless steel components. Mainly used for rapid and manual assembly and disassembly, quick release pins are known mechanisms offering locking actions.

Back into the indexing plungers’ materials, the aluminum versions feature self-locking slot. Install this with mounting bolt loose-thread plunger to place and tighten the mounting bolts. Additionally, asymmetrical slot tends to squeeze thread of plunger and lock this into place. The steel version on the other hand often includes setscrew that keeps the plungers in place.


Chapter 2: How Indexing Plunger Works

Indexing Plungers

I know you are much excited to dig deep and learn more about how indexing plunger really works but before we proceed, you certainly would want to learn also about positioning and indexing elements.

A broad range of positioning and indexing elements, spring plungers, quick release pins, and indexing plungers, these are locking systems that are also known as positioners. These are widely and readily available in stainless steel, steel, and super technopolymer. These are primarily designed to properly facilitate monotonous positioning operations on equipment, machine e or parts that undergo machining.

Lock pins are perfect for quick fixation components particularly when they should be repositioned and removed continuously. The top quality, as well as variety, of used production materials (galvanized steel, stainless steel, burnished steel and more) and multiplicity of sizes, shapes and the standards components allow providing a versatile range in order to satisfy numerous applications.

Rochehardware offers special plungers that will ensure hassle-free plumbing on panel parts and constructions. The company has a complete stock range of indexing plungers that work in standard lengths and diameters.

Chapter 3: Indexing Plunger Uses

Indexing Plungers

You would agree with me when I say that no one would want ever stick to a product, a tool or component that does not really works. In the case of indexing plungers, these components are widely noted for their beneficial and reliable uses in many different applications and used by different areas and fields.

Indexing plungers from Rochehardware can be used in rotating and swiveling devices as well as stop positioning. Aside from easy handling, the quality and durability of indexing plungers are also worth to be mentioned.

The company ensures that all their indexing plungers really work and these plungers have exact run and that they lock securely to end positions regardless if the plungers are screwed to existing threads or welded to deliver smooth finish. So even strongest transverse force got no effects during the machining, and new locking position can just be set once the plunger has been disengaged manually.

If you are no yet contented about the information above regarding the uses of indexing plungers, we will certainly give you more! Read on for more insights on how indexing plunger really works.

Indexing plungers are also utilized in  fixture applications and machines mainly to lock items properly in place most especially when indexing ranges of motions or series of given positions. The typical indexing plungers feature a ring and knob attached to the spring loaded pins.

When the knob is pulled, the pin will be retracted which allows for free movements. Upon the release, spring causes the pin to return back to its extended positions and lock the mechanisms in place.

Rochehardware provides a wide range of quality indexing plungers, and there are numerous options to choose from that come in different materials. There are also options in metric and inch, stainless steel and steel.

The basic indexing plungers are as follows:

  • Cam action indexing plungers
  • Indexing plungers without a collar
  • Short bodied indexing plungers
  • Indexing plungers for the  thin-walled parts
  • Stainless steel indexing plungers with a plastic pull knob
  • Precision indexing plungers
  • Indexing plungers without knobs
  • Lock & clamp indexing plungers

You are probably amazed and impressed about the uses of indexing plungers, but there are definitely more to these that will surely make you appreciate this construction component even more. Indexing plunges are even noted for its wide-ranging and beneficial uses in different fields.

Some applications areas where indexing plungers are used are:

  • Fixtures constructions-indexing plungers


Indexing plungers are used extensively in fixture buildings and work holding. Indexing plungers are also utilized in machine constructions such as securing pivoting as well as rotating fixtures or for positioning stops.


  • Medical Appliances


Indexing plungers are used when creating pumps, pumping machines, spares, and many other medical appliances. These plungers are also often included in medical devices’ parts. Rochehardware would like to inform you that their assortments of indexing fingers are now available. For more plungers to be used on medical appliances, you can refer to their product catalog.


  • Automobiles


Indexing plungers play a vital role in creating automotive clamps. These components are also needed to be installed in an automobile and automotive machines.

Other application areas where indexing plungers are used are locking systems, electrical appliances, automation, auto electrical and more. Indexing plungers are also used for a number of maintenance, installation, and repair applications.

Indexing plungers are actually made from different configurations of Black Oxide steel, stainless steel, and zinc plated steel nose as well as body constructions for dependability and long lasting durability.


Chapter 4: Indexing Plungers CAD

Now, you will be learning more about indexing plungers for CAD models and everything related to this. But before you dig deep my friend, take time to learn first about the basics of CAD and its contribution to the society.

Understanding CAD

This is definitely an exciting part! Your understanding of the basics will definitely lead you to the more precise understanding of indexing plungers for CAD models.

So, What is CAD?

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. This pertains to the use of computers in creating 3D and 2D designs. The most common CAD types include 3D modeling and 2D layout designs. CAD has many different applications. However, this is usually utilized to work on and design vector-based layouts. Taking for instance architects, they can make use of CAD software in creating overhead plans for outdoor landscapes and floor plans of buildings.

These given layouts that contain vector graphics can actually be scaled into different sizes and which might be used for blueprints or proposals. Two dimensional CAD likewise include drawings like mockups and sketches that are common in the initial phase of the design process.

3D CAD is regularly utilized in creating animated films and computer games. It additionally has a few true applications, for example, civil engineering, simulation modeling, and product design. 3D CAD incorporates Computer-Aided Manufacturing or CAM, which includes the real assembling or manufacturing of 3D objects.

Like the 2D CAD illustrations, 3D models are ordinarily vector-based; however, the vectors incorporate three dimensions, instead of two. This enables designers to make complex 3D shapes which can be moved, altered enlarged or rotated. Somewhere in the range of 3D models are made only of polygons, while others may incorporate Bézier bends and other adjusted surfaces.

While making a 3D model, a CAD creator or designer may initially build the fundamental shape of the object or what is called “wireframe.” Once the shape is finished, surfaces can be included that may incorporate designs, gradients, and colors that can be connected utilizing a procedure known as texture mapping.

Numerous CAD programs incorporate the capacity to change lighting, which influences the reflections and shadows of the objects. A few projects integrate additionally a timeline that can be utilized to make 3D animations.

CAD System and Its Contribution to Society

Much as you want to know the contribution of indexing plungers to life, you might also be eager and interested to know that the contribution of CAD system into the society right? So to give you an idea, read on.

As mentioned Computer Aided Design or CAD has truly revolutionized PC innovation and computer technology functions with regard to processing designs, implementation, and documentation. This also seeks to economize modern manufacturing and constructions utilizing graphic based software and vectors.

Computer-aided design has for quite some time been coordinated in the more significant part of our societal issues. It is generally connected in architecture, automotive and many other important mechanical and social industries in the society.

Its mind boggling and ground-breaking capacities has even created what individuals appreciate most in advertising, special effects, and computer animations. Indeed, even your most loved fragrance bottles and construction components at home are designed using CAD.

Computer-aided design innovation. Its financial commitment to society is the main thrust of powerful and even developing nations all over the world.

Computer-aided design is broadly utilized industrial art fields.  Common examples include commercial building designs and other structures like residential houses, factories, hospitals and more. Through this outline or design framework, they build point by point models of the physical component, investigate materials and products, reinforce the foundation and enhance the entire assemblage of development.

The society has undoubtedly experienced an enormous leap of advancement utilizing this innovation that it becomes difficult to construct without CAD anymore.

The truth is,  this innovation has turned into a need inside its very own classification since it has brought down item improvement cost and productive planning process accordingly saving  people or companies’ funds.

In the engineering, the utilization of CAD system gave compelling answers for water and electrical issues. Then again, Electrical CAD System enables the electrical expert to control circuit outlines and other electro-mechanical design to arrange specific frameworks better whether it is public or private.

The Architectural CAD System is extraordinary for spatial outlines like landscaping and other home projects. Many individuals are now experiencing the impacts of CAD in many different application areas.

This system transcends the experience and tends to make a lot of things easier and more manageable. The CAD technologies do not just develop societies but also improve the way of life. These also build relationships among building partners.

Indexing Plungers CAD Models

Now that you were somehow given ideas about CAD, you will wonder about the connection between the CAD system and indexing plungers.

Well, CAD is critically involved in the creation of indexing plunger CAD models. These models can now be easily viewed and downloaded online.

There are actually a lot of benefits if CAD software is used not just in construction components including indexing plungers but also in many other aspects. With CAD, you can easily come up with different levels of designs through using specialized input tool and a computer.

The resulting designs should be flexible and can be turned to 3D model easily whose functionality and aesthetics can be simply tested on the computer. This can be done without the need to spend more time to create a real life model.

The ease and flexibility this creates allow for the creation of models and diagrams that can be maneuvered easily. The diagrams you have created can be modified in order to create a completely new drawings or illustrations from scratch.

Overall, the benefits obtained from CAD make every usage and concepts of paper drawings unnecessary and outdated. Moreover, learning ways to use CAD can certainly save you from the stress brought by other conceptualization methods.

Chapter 5: Indexing Plungers- Parts and Features

Indexing Plungers

You have definitely come this far, but for sure you are still interested in learning more. This time, this chapter will provide you with helpful information about the parts and features.

Indexing plungers without a collar

The indexing plungers without a collar are mainly used to avoid any alteration in locking positions because of lateral forces. New locking positions can just be set as soon as the pin has been disengaged manually. A washer is also available to assist by means of screwing indexing plunger. Washer slides underneath the mushroom knob so carrier pins can engage on the slot.

Rochehardware offers indexing plungers without a collar in both metric sizes and inch sizes. The company also offers plungers with extended pins or standard –size pin. Contact the company today for assistance.

Indexing Plungers with Rest Position

Indexing plungers with rest positions are used for applications wherein plungers have to remain on its retracted position. In order to achieve this, the knob should be rotated by 90 degrees upon being retracted. A notch is responsible for keeping the plungers in the proper position.

When it comes to features, you need to be aware that indexing plungers with rest position are noted for having small dimension. Locking tab tends to be integrated into the knobs, therefore, providing more reliable operation all the time.

Indexing Plunger with Pull Knob

Indexing plungers with pull knob are commonly made from steel and stainless steel. The surface finish can include locking pin hardened, natural finish, black oxide finish and more. Note that indexing plungers are utilized to prevent changes in the locking positions that can be because of the lateral forces. The Style C is suggested for applications wherein gradual disengagement of locking bolt is actually desired.

Indexing plungers with pull knob from Rochehardware are readily available and can be utilized to prevent the already mentioned changes in locking positions. Search and explore Rochehardware selections of Indexing plungers with pull knob as well as grooved, extended pin, standard and short pull knob indexing plungers.

Indexing Plunger with Flange

Some individuals may not know it, but indexing plunger is also available with a flange. You are probably one of those who was surprised upon learning this. Isn’t that so dude?

Well, for your added information, the flange is a known part or material in indexing plungers, and this can be either zinc die-cast or plated through galvanization. These flanges enable plungers to be conveniently adjusted to the left or right.

Indexing plunger with mount range features extended pin for added assistance in indexing and locating components. Because of the extended length, the pin doesn’t completely retract flush into the plunger body.

Rochehardware’s indexing plungers with mount range are readily available in pull grip and also with pull ring styles. The free CAD files are likewise available for the majority of indexing plunger products to help you save a great deal of time when planning for a particular project.

Indexing Plunger Latch Mechanism

The Indexing Plunger Latch Mechanism provides added mounting option. Fastening range is actually designed in a manner that washers can be utilized. The maximum heat resistance of the hand knob made of nylon plastic can be 110 degree Celsius.

There are also types of Indexing Plunger Latch Mechanism that can be used for certain applications where plungers have to stay on its retracted positions and in order to accomplish this; the knob must be rotated by 90 degrees upon being retracted to keep the plungers in position.

Indexing Plunger Locking

Indexing Plunger Locking is an essential element that allows machine parts to be indexed or lock in place. Classic indexing plungers come equipped with pull ring or grip knob. These rings or knobs are attached to spring mechanisms. When they’ve pulled a pin on the other end of the plunger, it’s retracted allowing the connection to be easily and quickly released and repositioned.

These indexing plungers ensure stable fastenings, high retaining force and also easy handling which further guarantees higher process safety in the course of application. These plungers are also utilized in machine constructions.

Indexing plungers of different types are exclusive product lines offered by Rochehardware. If the need for Indexing Plunger Locking arises, you better hurry man! Keep in touch with Rochehardware. The company has complete stocks of indexing plungers to suit every need.

Indexing plungers from Rochehardware are ultimately durable and robust. During quality control, close and special attention is given to make sure that there are perfect indexing and precision in end position. This quality level guarantees practical and smooth practical functions. These types of plungers can withstand even the highest traverse forces and locking position can be changed only through the manual intervention of the user.

Indexing plungers from Rochehardware are accessible in a wide range of versions. There are the steel variations; the indexing plungers are likewise accessible in range of stainless steel forms. All in all, all the plungers in this range are accessible with conventional diameters and stick lengths, body diameters, and thread sizes. A plastic or steel mushroom handle or knob guarantees proper handling and allows the cylindrical and conical pins to be retracted easily.

There are also types that come with indexing pins, shorter versions and certain types that come with thread locks that are made available.

Moreover, Rochehardware offers an exceptional kind of indexing plungers with a flat nut that is perfect for mounting to thin-walled parts like plate constructions. The product portfolio is rounded off with precision and premium quality indexing fingers.

Indexing Plunger Knob

When it comes to indexing plungers, there are two major designs, the knob handle, and the cam action plus array of choices that include lockout features, hardened lock pins, plunger size and body. Indexing Plunger Knob is the part being pulled when using indexing plungers.

Hold, align and latch efficiently and quickly wit indexing plunger at Rochehardware. With beveled, rounded noses, indexing plungers are designed to seamlessly fit any indexing receptacle and available in wide spectrum of styles.


Chapter 6: Indexing Plunger Applications

Indexing Plungers

There are different types of indexing plungers used in a range of applications. Also, range of the standard plungers is composed of a broad array of possibilities with metric and inch available.

  • Indexing  plungers with no collar
  • Indexing  plungers, completely stainless steel
  • Indexing  plungers in stainless steel, steel or with a plastic pull knob
  • Indexing  plungers (short bodied)
  • Indexing  plungers for thin-walled parts
  • Indexing  plungers mounting brackets and more

The indexing plungers without knob feature threaded pin or pull ring. The pneumatic cylinder can actually be attached for seamless, automated operation. The Bowden cables are utilized for remote actuation.

Precision plungers have a ground pin as well as receiving bushings to guarantee high-repeating accuracy. Some options include tapered or cylindrical pins as well as a lockout or standard applications.

The lock & clamp indexing plungers are known to combine indexing functions with clamping function wherein the threaded stud which can be tightened for clamping in an unlimited range of positions.

Indexing plungers are used in fixture applications as well as machines to lock items in place particularly when indexing ranges of motions or series of given positions. The precision indexing plungers are ideal for quick change-over applications and rapid positioning. Precise designs on bushing and plunger guarantee accuracy.

These plungers are used in wide array of applications such as indexing, clamping, work holding and more; These can be utilized as ejector  pins or thrust pins. These are likewise common in the field of automotive, machine building, tooling and consumer products.


Chapter 7: Mini Indexing Plungers

The mini indexing plungers are widely known for their smaller dimensions and designed mainly for installations in thin-walled construction metal sheets. These are inserted to positions by means of holding them through the serrated knob.

Spanner flats on lock nut are fully revealed when the pin is retracted so mini indexing plungers can be tightened easily by means of fork spanner.

Rochehardware provides the most significant and most exclusive range of standardized machine elements. Aside from these, the company also offers special and customized versions and reliable technical solutions to meet the increasing demands of the industry.

The company employs experts with excellent know-how in the construction and manufacturing industry. Rochehardware is very flexible and customer oriented. They also respond quickly and with guaranteed cost efficiency. This applies when special designs and versions are commonly involved. This is somewhat thanks to the extraordinary and huge number of advanced production technologies today.

Contact Rochehardware if you need mini indexing plungers. There is a wide range of options to match your needs.


Chapter 8: Indexing Plunger Manufacturers

Indexing Plungers

Not all companies are equal, and not all are capable of meeting your needs in the most satisfying and professional way so my friend if you are planning to buy indexing plungers, make sure to commit with one of the most reliable and reputable indexing plunger manufacturers.

There are factors that can help you determine if you are committing with the best indexing plunger manufacturer. These include but not limited to the following:

  • Knowledge in the industry and field
  • Finest selections of products offered at the most reasonable price
  • Has reputable background and image established in the industry
  • Has wide assortments of products to choose from and all products offered have guaranteed high quality
  • Accessible and available round the clock to meet the needs of clients
  • With products that are easily adaptable and highly versatile to varied applications which cover inspection, design, machining and finally, finished goods.
  • Is equipped to handle more special orders and can make modifications to standards items to meet clients’ requirements.
  • Handles customer requests and needs with professionalism and honesty

Aside from all that was mentioned above, you also need to keep in mind that the best indexing plunger manufacturers have in-depth knowledge about the products they are offering. So my friend, for your unique indexing plunger needs, there is no better company to trust than Rochehardware.




There are overwhelming choices when it comes to indexing plungers. There are different types available, and each type of plunger has its own purpose, features, and benefits. To ensure that you will end up with successful purchase, choose only the most trusted manufacturers such as Rochehardware.

Rochehardware is one of the best makers and suppliers &wholesalers in China. Indexing plungers are components that empower machine parts to be indexed and appropriately locked in place.  Classic plungers have a grasp handle or a force ring. These plungers ensure high holding powers, stable fastenings and simple handling with which guarantees high process security amid application.

Rochehardware offers plungers that are made of various superb materials: solidified steel and 304 stainless steel. Plungers in seamless burnished steel have solidified closures for better execution in the locking activity.

Some components give a progression of stop positions for the plunger in the retracted position by knob rotation or of actuating lever. The indexing plungers’ threaded body is now available in various lengths as well as diameters to comply with the vast majority of requirements of different industries.

Indexing plungers are utilized in machine and apparatus applications to secure things, particularly when ordering a scope of movement or a progression of positions. Rochehardware offers an expansive scope of plungers, incorporating alternatives in inch and metric, steel as well as stainless steel.

The basic indexing plungers include indexing plungers with no collars, plungers or thin-walled parts, indexing plungers with plastic pull knob, without knob and more.

On the off chance that you are searching for the best indexing plunger s and have comprehensive ideas in mind, the design team from Rochehardware is always ready to help and serve you. This is one of the best indexing manufacturers that you can rely on.

Through the company’s 3-hour quick response services which are available round the clock, outstanding tech support and customer service team and excellent after sales services, Rochehardware can be your most dependable and professional indexing plunger partner in China.

Rochehardware can answer any tech question regarding indexing plungers that you may have. Don’t hesitate to reach the company anytime for your indexing plungers unique design projects.