Butterfly Locks

Butterfly Locks

These butterfly locks also named recessed butterfly locks, the names are identified by their inside shape, it looks like a butterfly. Theses butterfly locks are widely used in a road case, DJ case, musical case, wood case, toolbox, electric cabinet.

Rochehardware’s butterfly locks are also available in different material:steel or 201 stainless steel,304 stainless steel. These butterfly flight case locks finish can be nickel-plated, chrome-plated, zinc plated. Tumbled for stainless steel.

Rochehardware is a professional butterfly locks manufacturer in China, our clients are proud of our product’s quality. We are continually seeking new butterfly hardware to fill needs that have not yet been met. Rochehardware valued clients, with urgency and sincere interest in meeting your requirements concerning butterfly case latches and locks. We persist driven to satisfy, driven to deliver a butterfly locks product line such as DJ butterfly lock that exceeds your expectations in price, quality, and delivery.

If you are looking for butterfly locks, you’ve come to the right place. We are a butterfly lock manufacturer that you can fully trust. Simply import these recessed butterfly locks to skyrocket your business. Just contact us for detailed information on the butterfly latch lock price.

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Useful Information about Butterfly Lock

Let’s admit it, the rate of today’s burglary is higher than we think. Theft is prevalent in residential or even commercial properties. So, it is an alarming problem that needs immediate action.

Before making a move, it is advisable to look around your home or business, especially the locking system. Is your existing hardware inefficient? Is it easily broken? Whatever the case may be, it’s best to consider other locks available on the market.

Have you ever heard about a butterfly lock? If it’s your first time to hear about the hardware, well today, it creates a buzz all over the internet because of its secure and excellent performance. Since its availability, it has become the top notch option of many people.

In this eBook, you will know more information about the hardware. From the benefits to the factors to consider when buying an option, you will end up satisfied with your investment.

Chapter 1: Butterfly Lock: Overview And Benefits

The butterfly lock is named after its symmetrical installation method. It is the standard configuration and a handle that functions as a lock keep. Similar to other locking options, butterfly lock has a plethora of benefits.

Take a closer look at the following:

  • Also known as a home security product, butterfly lock is the surface mounted hardware typically applied to window and sliding door. This has been possible because of the relatively low requirements on the profile structure, resulting in easy and convenient installation.

Whether you hadn’t experienced installation before or didn’t have any idea about it, don’t worry because installing the security option is not difficult. Most companies out there provide comprehensive instructions for everyone. In the butterfly lock, there is no need to be an expert installer. The direction in the package is packed with useful information. You can even finish the process ahead of time.

  • What many people do not know about butterfly lock is that it is well-suited for sliding window and large sliding door. Typically, it has a gentle and smooth angle, delivering unbelievable or supreme comfort of touch. Its texture is something you would love and boast to your relatives and friends.

However, it depends on the product manufacturer of your option. Here at Roche, our locking products are comfortable and easy to use. We ensure high-quality materials in each of our butterfly locks.

  • Butterfly lock has a manual and automatic mode. Lock keep selection comes in a variety to best fit your specific furniture. Whatever your intended use, there are products to trust and choose from. For your double leaf door or window, this type of hardware is another preferred option. It is a brilliant decision to make balanced and aesthetic visual effects possible.
  • There is a furniture fitting with a lock cylinder. The outdoor solution involves the utilization of handle with lock cylinder. The same thing happens in indoor butterfly lock. Thus, butterfly lock caters to various security needs of homes and businesses.

Here at Roche, this advantage is always available. With our in-depth knowledge gained from the years of experience, we provide security solutions that go beyond imagination and expectation. Give us a call for more information.

  • High quality and flexible. Butterfly lock has been known because of its flexibility and durability. You can use it in your door, window, cabinetry, and more. Also, it is of excellent quality. It is resistant to wear and tear that can last a decade or two. It can also fight corrosion, eliminating unnecessary replacement and repair expenses.
  • Aesthetic and striking appeal. Boring door? Do you have that dull and lifeless atmosphere at home or business? Whatever situation it may be, there’s always a way to bring back the life of your property. Besides home or business décor, why don’t you switch to butterfly lock?

A butterfly lock comes in a range of style and design for a fashion statement. No matter how unappealing your door or window, the security solution has a stunning and decorative appeal. It is just important to work with a trusted product manufacturer like Roche. Check out our site for further details.

  • User-friendly. If you have been using an inefficient locking system that causes trouble, butterfly lock is different. It is specially designed in a way that reaches your requirements and standards. From the materials to the price, it won’t give you a dilemma. It is made according to your needs and specifications. Plus, it is easy to use for your convenience.
  • It can withstand extreme weather conditions. One of the causes of wear and tear in security locks is the weather, particularly the cold and the warm seasons. Sometimes, you might be afraid with your locking system during winter or summer. But with the use of butterfly lock, you can say bye to all worries and say hello to a fun experience. Nearly all of the products available on the market today are tailored to resist the climate. There are also a few that you cannot trust. At Roche, you are sure to be confident with the locks that they have and give you the peace of mind.
  • Available at competitive pricing. Due to the demand from businesses and residential properties, there is a price increase in security hardware. But Roche believes it is not necessary. It should not be that expensive. It should be available at a fair and reliable price. We are proud to say that our security products would never break your bank. While enjoying the functional performance of this particular product, you can still have a money-saving experience.

Chapter 2: Things To Know Before Buying A Butterly Lock

The most underrated aspect of home or business security are most likely the locks on doors. People utilize them every day; however, they do not give it much attention. Locks are not noticeable or flamboyant as surveillance cameras because they are part of our everyday lives. So, it is easy for many individuals to ignore them.

Nevertheless, the fact that we do not pay attention to them does not mean they are less significant. To tell you the truth, it is one of the essential aspects of home or business security.

Everyone is sure to have imagined how simple it would be for thieves to break into a home or a commercial establishment where there is no awesome locking system. Butterfly locks play a crucial role in keeping families and valuable stuff safe. That’s why it is essential to get one installed from the right company.

It is difficult to know what you need out of a security product if you’ve never brought one before and the majority of people have never done. In this chapter, you will know the salient information that will guide you before making a purchase.

As a business proprietor or a simple homeowner, you might need to buy a new butterfly lock for many reasons. It is an excellent way to upgrade the level of security of your lock and replace the damaged system.

Here’s information that you need to know before buying a butterfly lock:

The Security Grade

Many homeowners don’t take advantage of the security grades of their butterfly locks because they perhaps don’t know the locks have a security grading. Most lock manufacturers have their products tested. Then they are given a rating.

These numbers provide you with an idea of how sturdy, durable, and secure a butterfly lock will be. Typically, these locks are tested or graded by the government. And it is based on the cycles that the hardware can withstand before it deteriorates. Also, the amount of force that can resist is a criterion.

If you go through the process of purchasing a new lock, it is necessary for you to pay attention to the rating or grading of the security product. This will help you figure out of a lock will last long or not. Plus, it will help you pick the perfect option with an optimum amount of security.

Where the Butterfly Lock will be installed

The location of the butterfly lock is an extremely vital part of this process. However, a few homeowners don’t take it into account when they purchase a new butterfly lock. This hardware can only achieve its optimum potential if it is used in the right way possible. And the location of the security product is a significant factor in identifying that.

A butterfly lock that is used on exterior doors demands higher ratings or features. Interior locks, on the other hand, can get by with minimal amount of locking system. Also, butterfly lock that you would install on a front door would be different from the hardware that you would install on sliding glass doors. Hence, it is necessary where you want the new hardware to go so that you can make a proper decision.

Amazing Features that the Butterfly Lock Has

It is salient to know what a butterfly lock is capable of before purchasing one. This might seem ambiguous. So in this eBook, it is broken down into specific details. It is said that butterfly lock does not come in one size and shape, which is why homeowners or commercial establishment proprietors need to give attention to the features that their new hardware has.

There are a few locks that have tamper or built-in prevention. For example, security options have anti-drill, anti-pick, and anti-bump features that will keep your property safer or more secure.

Also, for homeowners that invest in butterfly lock, it is a brilliant idea to select hardware that suits your lifestyle. Some factors come into play in figuring out which security accessory features will work best for your property. It is good to determine whether the lock you are choosing is compatible and relevant to your door. It is no doubt that it is a key part of any property. And all the features they bring to the table are salient.

The Kind of Lock that Best Fits your Needs

Butterfly lock does not come in a standard format. There is no type of security hardware that works for every door, window, or purpose. In fact, locking systems are specially manufactured with specific objectives in mind. To ensure that you are only picking the right option, you have to know which kind of hardware is the best one that you can install.

There are a range of door locks you can pick, including handle sets, deadbolts, door levers, or smart locks. You can use all of these options for interior or even exterior purposes, though some are suited for particular locations.

How the Butterfly Lock has to be installed?

The installation will give homeowners insight into whether they are purchasing the right hardware or not. Learning more about the procedure will also help people identify if it is a job they can carry out themselves or they would need to call for professional help.

However, this is not the main reason why someone will have to know how security hardware is going to be installed. It is essential to have this information on hand before you purchase a butterfly lock because you need to make sure that the installation does not require you to change the locking system you have for it to function effectively.

If you have to make changes, learning how to install a butterfly lock would be of great help. Bear in mind that the installation of locking hardware is a secondary factor to the points above. Moreover, it is not advisable to pick a lock that can be installed in no time and if its security features are not up to the par.

Chapter 3: Butterfly Lock: Other Hardware To Consider

Aside from the butterfly lock, there are other security accessories you have to take into account. These include the butterfly valve lockout devices, butterfly valve lock lever actuator, butterfly lock washer, a butterfly lock pin, and many more.

Here at Roche, all of these lockout security accessories are a new addition to our services. Each is catered not just to butterfly lock but also to other security products, effectively. We make all our options new and innovative, ensuring a high level of security and safety of a house or a business. Our butterfly valve lockout tools are rugged and compact that secure onto the butterfly valve lever at a good point. Making the tool will not be moved and stay in place.

Our butterfly lockout is also ideal to lock a butterfly valve, especially in the off position. What it does is that it clamps down on the handle so that it may not be engaged. It is available in different sizes, helping our clients to pick what they prefer.

Chapter 4: Roche: Butterfly Lock For Sale

After identifying the factors to look for a butterfly lock, it’s about time to purchase the hardware online. But, how? What’s the best company for you? No worries, as Roche has been established for you. Aside from being a trusted handle manufacturer, we also offer an array of butterfly lock. From high quality to affordability, our products can guarantee a worthwhile investment. For more information, feel free to contact us ahead of time.

With our years of experience and superior knowledge, we are known for exceptional customer support and competitive pricing. Also, we have the quickest response time in the country. With just a call, you can expect a friendly professional. After a minute or two, we can already ship the butterfly lock of your option.

Another thing that our clients love about us is that we use the latest technology. Without our innovative equipment, we could not provide individualized solutions. Be one of our happy customers today and get mesmerized with our commitment to quality and excellence in the industry!


The locking system of home or business is crucial to maintaining maximum security and optimal safety. With the use of ineffective hardware, your family would not be safe. Plus, your commercial establishment might not be a secure place for your supplies. Taking the benefits of having a butterfly lock, there will e no more worries, just peace of mind. But it still depends on the company. Make sure you’ll work with a trustworthy product manufacturer like Rochehardware.