Ball Transfer Units

Ball Transfer Units

Here at Rochehardware, we supply a wide range of Ball Transfer Units(Ball Rollers) , including miniature ball transfer units, light duty ball transfer units, medium ball transfer units and heavy duty ball transfer units options. In terms of material, you can buy stainless steel ball transfer units or plastic ball transfer units. 

Rochehardware ball transfer systems find use on guillotines, press brakes, metrology instruments, for conveying materials in clean rooms and miniature instruments, as well as cargo handling and conveyor systems.

The material of ball transfer units available in either chrome or stainless steel, ball transfer units ensure loads can be moved smoothly and with minimal effort in multiple directions.

The ball transfer bearings used face up so that goods may be moved across them, but are also used face-down in some circumstances. Rochehardware offers a number of different types of fitting, including push fit roller transfer unit, flange mounted ball transfer, Saturn type and internal thread options.

Choose the most appropriate type at the relevant tolerance and Rochehardware can then also offers spring loaded ball transfer units to fit your price range.

If you are looking for heavy duty ball transfer units and have detailed requirement ideas in mind, rochehardware design team will be here to help you.

Through our 3 hours rapid response services from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your expert ball transfer unit design partner in China.

At rochehardware we can answer any ball transfer units tech questions that you may have. Whether you want to know the ball transfer unit price or any other technical information. Please feel free to contact us anytime for your custom ball transfer units design projects.

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Ball Transfer Units Overview

Ball Transfer Units


One of the most powerful and significant inventions to come out of the industrial revolution is the ball transfer units or the ball rollers. Ball transfer unit has changed the whole mechanical industry.

Are you familiar with the old method that consisted of using first load rollers? Perhaps you are, but today this no longer exists. Why?

Because using them in different rotator machines prevent the machine from having to support increased amounts of effort and pressure. As such, using first load bearings has a lot of disadvantages, chief amongst them, that it caused damage to different parts of the machine.

Because load bearing was changed from actual load-bearing parts to small steel balls which are encased in outer and inner rings, ball bearings are minimizing the damage to machinery.


These rings protect the ball bearings from any pressure which is transported by them from the outer ring to the inner ring. Recently, the most common bearings used in industries that rely on the usage of these bearings is the ball transfer unit.

Want to know more about this product? We advise you to keep on reading!

Chapter 1: What Are Ball Transfer Units and Their Types

Ball Transfer Units

What is a ball transfer unit you may ask? Yes, it is essential to know the product first before getting on to it. Like any kinds of items that we usually purchase we need to take a closer look at it to make the best of our purchase.

So, what is really a ball transfer unit? Well, a ball transfer unit is an omnidirectional load bearing round ball mounted inside an off-putting fixture.

To enlighten you more, this is the same in principle to mouse pointing device or trackball. Usually, the style involves one large ball that is supported by a small ball bearing.

What is the purpose of this?

This is usually utilized in a reversed ball up the point where the object is moved quickly across a selection of units, called ball transfer table, and this is a kind of conveyor scheme.

This conveyor system allows manual transport to and from the machine and between diverse parts of another conveyor scheme.

How significant is this system?

This system is utilized in an airport for the delivery of the baggage or in manufacturing as a component of industrialized systems.  Before the development of this device, first patented in 1958, these users were addressed by the application of an inverted coaster. But, casters recognize a trail, so meaning the wheels need to line up before directional adjustment can be obtained.

So, what makes these ball transfer units apart?

This can be deployed in a non-upturned ball down point as a kind of caster.

But, this application is limited by load-bearing restriction and the kind of floor as well. Makers have solved this issue by means of integrating recirculating ball principle.

But the inverted point is still the everyday use as well as the least challenging.

What are the applications of transfer ball units?

Transfer ball units are used all throughout the industry in uses like air cargo ball deck, material handling ball table, glass processing, as well as assembly lines even machine tables.

What are the Types of Ball Transfer Units Available?

There are many types of ball transfer units available out there, but the most popular ones are:

  •    Light ball transfer units
  •    Medium ball transfer units
  •    Heavy duty ball transfer units

Chapter 2: How Do Ball Transfer Units Work

Ball Transfer Units

How do ball transfer units work? Well, first you need to know that these ball units make light work of shifting, directing and rotating unit loads.

These are proven very useful as vital parts of feed devices, conveyor systems, and packaging and machining equipment.

Generally speaking, a ball transfer is a device which is utilized to allow linear or rotational movement, while reducing the friction and handling pressure.

It looks like a wheel; ball transfer allows devices to roll that lessens the friction between the surface of the ball and the surface it is rolling over. It is considerably easier to move, both in a linear or a rotary fashion, once friction is minimized- this also improves efficiency and speed.

In order to serve these purposes, ball transfer units make use of a fairly simple structure, a ball that has external and internal smooth metal surface, to help in rolling. The ball handles the weight of the load, the pressure of the load’s weight is what makes the ball rotate.

These are utilized in an upturned ball up the location where bits and pieces are transferred in an assortment of units quickly and stress-free.

This array of units is called a ball transfer table.

This unit allows the manual move to and from devices and between diverse parts of a conveyor system.

This unit is also deployed in a non-upturned ball down point.

A toughened ball cup serves as a raceway for a massive amount of small supporting balls which rolls against the ball cup once the load ball turns.

A toughened ball cup serves as the raceway for a whole host of small supporting balls. These supporting balls revolve against the ball cup once the load ball turns. Ball Transfer Units are made, so that accurate rolling and full load-bearing ability are assured in any mounting direction. Ball Transfer Units needs little maintenance, and approximately every form is secured against grime by an oil-soaked felt seal


The ball transfers units can be used to general-purpose machines such as:

  • Feed tables for a sheet-metal working machine
  • Fixture for a press brake
  • Feed devicefor a machining center
  • Drilling machine table as well as motor-driven supporting table
  • Assembly aids in the assembly of large engines as well as motors.

Conveyor Systems

  • Ball transfer tables
  • Turntables
  • Switches for sorting and distribution systems
  • Crossover sections of incessant conveyors
  • Baggage sorting system at the airport
  • Convey of steel tubes and pipes
  • Lifting platforms

 Other Fields

  • Construction of special-purpose machine
  • Aerospace industry
  • Beverage and stone-processing businesses

Chapter 3: Ball Transfer Units Spring Loaded Overview

Ball Transfer Units

As mentioned before, there are many kinds of ball transfer units available out there. Each one has its own use or application.

If you are asking what the best ball unit to use is, we highly recommend the ball transfer units spring loaded.

What is correctly a spring loaded ball transfer unit?

Well, as the name suggests, it is a type of ball transfer units but packed with spring. The best unit so far has 65lb spring which allows for a ¼ inch vertical ball deflection constructed into the tight and self-contained unit.

Spring Loaded Ball Transfer Units Applications

This kind of ball transfer unit can be used in various applications such as:

  • Shearing machines
  • Molding machines
  • Presses
  • Tool bases and press brakes
  • Shock loading applications
  • Spring-loaded reduce break caused by shock loads.

What is more, they also enable for dimension changes because of the temperature as well as self-adjust to consistently and equally distribute loads

Why Consider Spring Loaded Ball Transfer Units?

Why should consider this kind of ball transfer unit?

Here is the list that will help you in your choosing decision.

  •    Ball Transfer Units are sustained on springs as well as mounted under preload in a casing
  •    Ball Transfer Unit moves away into its casing under a high load
  •    Housing and cover galvanized
  •    Balls are made from antifriction bearing steel

What other factors should I consider?

The best ball units should have molded nylon seal. This is because it prevents the coming in of grime and dust.

Choose a ball transfer unit springboard that comes with a press fit. This is because it is easy to set up.

Roche has the best selections of high-quality ball transfer units spring loaded to select from. You can contact the customer hotline number for more details.

Chapter 4: Stainless Steel Ball Transfer Units

Are you looking for the best and toughest type of ball transfer units that can stand the test of time?

If so, why not consider stainless steel ball transfer units!

Stainless steel ball transfer units are utilized for lining up medium-heavy objects like containers, plates, as well as cardboard with even bottom.

What is more? It can also be utilized for pushing, like for instance when transporting plates or steel.

The application of balls permits transporting the object in each way. Switches and crossing can be used as well. What is more, specifically soft working balls units are being utilized.

For variations with stainless steel balls, felt seals keep out dirt. Made with the main ball made of high-quality stainless steel and polymer this can resist corrosion and rust.

A variation with polymer ball is obtainable for transporting objects that have sensitive surfaces. The ball turns on support balls that rotate on a ball socket, which accomplishes a remarkable hold up of the component. This socket takes account of stainless steel within the entire variations.

What are the Applications of Stainless Steel Ball Transfer Units?

If you are one of the many people asking what the uses of this kind of ball units are, then read on.

  • It can be used for press brakes, metrology instruments as well as guillotines
  • This is also ideal for electronics, machinery, hardware, forest, chemical, food, supermarkets, rubber as well as other industries.
  • Utilized in the transmission system, processing system, feeding system, processing machinery as well as packaging machine auxiliary equipment.

Why Consider Stainless?

We have all heard of this kind of material; however, if you ask people what it is, they are often not able to answer. Efficiently stainless steel whether in stainless steel wire or sheets, it’s low carbon steel that contains 10% chromium by weight.

It’s the addition of this substance to the carbon steel that gives it’s the capability to resist corrosion.

But, it’s far more remarkable than that as if harms chemically or mechanically then it has a film that is self-healing proving oxygen is present.

One good reason why you must choose stainless is that of its benefits as well as physical properties. The fact that stainless steel has resistance to low and high temps means this material can be utilized for many uses and all through many industries.

The stainless steel ball transfer unit is extremely durable and tough. The aesthetic appeal that this material has makes it a very popular choice for many.

Chapter 5: Features of Ball Transfer Units

Ball Transfer Units

Perhaps you already aware of the many uses of ball transfer units?

If not, this device is ideal for many applications such as industrial and manufacturing applications.

Some of the ball transfer units are meticulousness made which make them ideal to use for shifting loads in different directions smoothly. Because of the multi-faceted features of these devices, they are extremely applicable to the shearing machine, machining line, profile cutting machines as well as various other machines.

The multiplicity in their application fields is because the turning, shifting as well as steering can be performed with ease and without any pressure.

So, what are the special features of a ball transfer unit?

To help you in your buying decision, here are the things you need to keep in mind with regards to this device:

  • Anti-corrosive:The ball transfer units are ant-corrosion. Some are made of high-quality stainless steel material that is not just tough but resists corrosion.
  • Dimensionally Precise and Accurate: The ball transfer units are dimensionally accurate and precise thus gives you the best working experience.
  • Easy to Maintain:  This is also easy to maintain. All you need to do is to keep it clean all the time to retain its function. This is made of high-quality materials so expect that it will last for many years of using.

Here are some others you can expect from ball transfer units:

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Product Line provides load ability range from several pounds to two tons
  • Stainless steel materials
  • Recirculating ball feature that allows for application with a ball in an up or down position in select units
  • Spring-loaded units available
  • They are available in base, stud as well as flange mounts

Chapter 6: Highlighted Ball Transfer Unit Designs for Material Handling Uses


Stud Mount Ball Transfer Unit or Bolt Fixing: This is intended for fast assembly. This can be set up regardless of the thickness of the plate. This is also available in the standard thread or metric sizes. Ball types are available in various sizes as well.

Flange Ball Transfer Units: This is intended for drop-in setup. The flange style can be set up with pop rivets, fixing clips as well as screws. An array of attaching clips can be purchased separately. A ball is available in various types as well.

Hi-tech Ball Transfer Units: This type of ball units comes with dual sealing for excluding fragments from the bearings. It has a cover seal that gets rid of bigger particles. The inner knife edge scraper skims paste, liquid, dust off the big ball and then expels it by side vents. It is also integrated with dirt exit hole. Types of the ball are also available.

Chapter 7: Types of Ball Transfer Units to Choose From

Ball Transfer Units

Are ball transfer units available in various types and designs?

Yes, of course like many other types of products out there, ball transfer units are also accessible in various designs and styles.


This is because to meet specific needs and demands.

So, what are the types of ball transfer units to choose from? Read on to know!

Miniature Ball Transfer Units

What is a miniature ball transfer unit and how can I benefit from this product?

This product is design to make the small parts transfer as well as positioning easier.

These Miniature ball transfer units can be utilized to position and transfer small parts in a very demanding material handling setting, which includes clean rooms with restricted space as well as operating conditions.

What can I expect from miniature ball transfer?

This is compact, extremely lightweight as well as easy to install. The state of the art miniature ball transfer provides a practical choice to casters, carts as well as related tools in clean rooms for a lot of industries which include medical, food processing, microelectronics as well as a semiconductor.

Upon setup, the ball unit allows for 360-degree movement to give optimal versatility, in spite of the use and application.

And depending on form, this transfer unit is designed with ball dimensions that range from 8.6 millimeters to 9.6 millimeters. Units’ weight from 0.003 kilograms to 0.06 kilogram is available.

In spite of their small size, this type of ball unit is designed for high performance, durability as well as long service life. Features include housing mater of steel either with a flat top and a steel ball, stainless steel ball and angled top or a stainless steel ball and a flat top. This unit can be set up fat with studs.

Plastic Ball Transfer Units

Plastic ball units are considered one of the most popular types of ball transfer available on the market at this point.

But, the question is, does plastic ball transfer unit superb and reliable?

The answer is yes, this type of ball unit is robust and reliable.

Note: All ball units that come with plastic balls are specifically ideal for transporting fragile or sensitive objects such as glass, steel sheets, brass sheets as well as aluminum.

What makes this ball unit ideal for these applications?

  • The best thing about this plastic ball transfer unit is that it a felt seal that is very effective in protecting sensitive objects or materials from dirt.
  • Another good reason why this the most sought-after ball units by many manufacturing businesses is because it can transport sensitive materials without lubricating the ball units. Made from a high-quality and high-performance plastic material, the plastic ball unit is dry-running.

What are the features of plastic ball transfer units?

Maintenance and lubrication free- this allows you to save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Non-magnetic and corrosion resistant: Because it is made of plastic, you can avoid corrosion that usually occurs in ball units made of iron or metal.

Temperature resistant: This can stand up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heavy Duty Ball Transfer Units

This is one of the best and most sought-after types of ball transfer unit. Why?

Just because it is built to give a long working life and it can survive harsh conditions.

The fact, that this is heavy duty; it can be used for various kinds of applications.

So, what makes this ball unit special?

This ball unit has a solid or firm machined body that has steel bearing made of chrome and integrated with dirt exit hole and dust seal as well.

This also offers a higher load capacity compared to standard units. It comes with a robust steel housing that can be used for attachment purposes.

Hex Bolts Ball Transfer Units

This type of ball transfer unit comes with a spherical ball that is mounted inside a restraining fixture. Hex bolts are one and the same principle to a computer mouse, and a trackball, aside from a range of them side-by-side.

Usually, the style involves one big ball that is backed by small bearings. Typically they are utilized in an upturned ball up the point where materials are moved fast in a range of units. This allows manual transfer from and to machine between diverse parts.

Where to use this kind ball transfer unit?

The Hex bolts are usually utilized in an airport for baggage delivery. This is also used in manufacturing business.

High-Quality Ball Transfer Units

Roche Hardware is a premier manufacturer of high-quality ball transfer units for industrial purposes. From the world high-quality, this ball unit can last for many years of using.

This is made of a superb and high-quality material for extra durability as well as well-organized metal handling.  This is made of fabricated utilizing zinc plated carbon steel as well as stainless steel. Roche Hardware heavy duty ball transfer units are available in various sizes and shapes.

Can I Find High-Quality Ball Transfer Units in Various Styles?

Yes, Roche Hardware offers ball transfer units in various styles to select from. They can also customize a unit according to your needs.

Ball Transfer Units with Stud Stainless Steel

This type of transfer unit is combining with low noise output and high load capacity to meet any transporting and handling materials needs. From a discrete transfer that can carry seventy-five pounds each to heavy duty choices which can endure 750 pounds, ball transfer unit with stud stainless steel got you covered.

Housing options take account of stainless steel and carbon steel. A lot of housing options are on hand with the main ball components like stainless steel, nylon and carbon steel.

Where can I use this type of ball transfer unit?

A lot of material handling conveyor systems needs specific mechanical parts that should be made as well as configures to the objects which are being conveyed. The ball transfer unit with stud stainless steel can be set in order to fit the new system or retrofitted to meet the needs of an existing conveyor system.

Other common uses of these ball units are:

  • Logistics and warehousing racking
  • Aerospace material mobility
  • Hospitality and retail displays
  • Pharmaceutical product transportation
  • Recycling plants
  • Bottling plants

Chapter 8: How to Choose the Right Ball Transfer Unit

Ball Transfer Units

In this chapter, we will explain how to choose the best and appropriate ball transfer unit. Keep in mind the following factors when selecting a ball transfer unit.

So, what are these factors?

This includes the type, carrying capability, number, assembly, positioning as well as the environment or setting.  Our advice is to use a search engine to pick the best ball unit or contact a ball transfer experts from our company.

So, let’s start!

  • Carrying Capacity

Ball transfer units carrying capacity ranges from four to 4,000 kilograms.

But, how will I know the carrying capacity of the load bearing?

For you to know the load-bearing capacity, the mass of the load to wear divided it by three. The sum is the total weight that every ball unit must endure.

Note: The flexibility and hardness of the moving object need to be, to avoid notch or serration by the support ball considered.

The ball transfer unit can’t be mounted straight with the ball up the load capacity to be altered downward.

  • Assembly and in the Kind of Ball Transfer Unit

Ball transfer units are available in various styles and sized and might be mounted in multiple ways.  Depending on the setting are the many kinds of choices are possible.

Ball Units with Seal: Some of the ball transfer units have felt seal that pollution of the unit happens. Also, most designs bullet pots come with holes for grime to drain in order to extend or prolongs the life of the ball unit. What is more, it also keeps on running smoothly.

Stainless Steel:  For humid settings, we have ball units available in stainless steel. This surely lasts for many years of using as we know that stainless is the toughest components available. You are also assured that the unit is free from corrosion.

Heavy Duty: Some heavy duty ball units are integrated with bullet pots which can accommodate 4,000lbs or more.

  • Suspension Ball Transfer

Ball transfer loaded with spring mechanism reduce damage and wear by assimilating shocks and at the same time blows that might arise from the uneven surface of the object need to be transferred. Pots ball can be done by the fitting of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.

  • Where to Use Ball Transfer Units

Ball units are usually utilized in airport or transport in assembly and production environments.

Maintenance and Lubrication Ball Transfer

Ball transfer units are shipped pre-lubricated under normal application and need no maintenance.

On the other hand, if you want a ball unit that can be utilized in an environment with lots of dirt, then your unit should be maintained with an appropriate cleaning agent.

  • Speed

The suggested utmost speed of conveying is one meter for every second for a ball unit that has a steel barrel bullet. But, a ball unit that has a nylon loop bullet, the desired speed of transport is 0.25 meter for every second.

  • The Temperature

Minimum temperature is 30 degree Celsius up to 70 degree Celsius. Extraordinary seals need to be applied for serious and extreme weathers. In a clean condition and with no seals, 150 degree Celsius up to 200 degree Celsius is possible if using stainless steel in collaboration with a reduced load.

  • Assembly/ Measuring the Number Ball Transfer Units

The spacing, the number as well as the arrangement of ball transfer units depends on the type of object to transfer. The aim here is that the small size object is always put up by 3 ball transfer.

So, prior to sharing the smallest flat smooth as well as the rigid surface of the transferring object by three or 3.5 for safety.

Here are some of the different setups

  • Square array
  • Ideal movement
  • Rectangular arrangement
  • Diamond Lineup
  • Extended window arrangement

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Common Applications of Ball Transfer Units?

A: Ball transfer units address an array of material or object handling as well as motion control challenges, it doesn’t matter if it is utilized in the typical ball up a point or as a caster in a ball down orientation.  This unit offers many benefits to standard casters like lower profiles, low cost as well as omnidirectional movement.

Other uses of ball transfer units are:

  • Air Cargo, Store Fixtures, Laser and Plasma Cutters
  • Medical Devices
  • Shears and Military Logistics
  • Glass and Metal Manufacturing

Q: How Will I Know the Load Capacity of the Ball Transfer Units?

A: Equal distribution of load over many ball transfer unit is rare if ever obtained. The distribution of weight is administered by the hardness, flatness as well as load surface smoothness in contact with the ball. The capacity also determines by installation and system deflection.

In order to avoid more than the rated capability, sufficient ball transfer units must be given to afford a security factor of three.

What is more, the pressure needed to place a load in motion is lessened as the number of ball transfers under a weight is augmented, thereby minimizing the friction coefficient.

When measuring loads or weights, the odds of the impact as well as different leveling must be regarded. Self-leveling neoprene put under the unit can minimize these problems.

Q: What are the common arrangements?

A: Ball transfer unit arrangement depends on the weights of the load, under-surface of the transferred object as well as the application surface. Know the number of ball transfers needed to support the object based on the consideration mentioned above. If the amount of ball units has been measured, then these must be organized symmetrically beneath the object or load.

The least amount of distance between ball units must be e the span of the shortest facet of the object divided by 2.5.  The minimum spacing will hold the transported object and stop it from becoming uneven.

Roche Hardware technical staff is always available to help you with loading, mounting as well as a spacing recommendation for or your specific use.




Ball transfer units are indeed one of the most significant devices that can be utilized for various purposes. There are many kinds of ball transfer units available out there, and each one has its own features and uses. The aforementioned guide will help you choose the right ball transfer units according to your needs.

When it comes to high-quality ball transfer units, rely on Roche Hardware. This company has been in the business for many years, so are guaranteed that the products you will be obtained is the best and the finest. We at Roche Hardware has many types of ball transfer units to choose. We invite you to visit our website at or call customer hotline number to know how we can help.