Case Locks

Case Locks

Are you looking for a reliable case locks? These latches lock with one key, so it is safe and convenient to operate. Each case lock weight is about 0.16kg, the bearing capacity is about 100kg. You can choose a suitcase latch lock whose weight will impress you.

These case locks are widely used in flight case,road case,DJ case, automotive,industry applications, heating, ventilation, air conditioning,industrial enclosures,industrial machinery, specially-equipped vehicles,containers and machine tools, automotive, trucks, construction equipment, off-highway vehicles, farm equipment,industrial enclosures,industrial machinery, machine tools, metal cutting,garden equipment. All these case press locks are specially designed to suit their specific areas of application.

The case locks have two different material:steel or 201 stainless steel,304 stainless steel. These flight case locks finish can be nickel-plated, chrome-plated, zinc plated. Tumbled for stainless steel.

Rochehardware is a professional case locks manufacturer in China, our clients are proud of our product’s quality.we are continually seeking new case latch locks to fill needs that have not yet been met. We persist driven to satisfy, driven to deliver a  case locks product line that exceeds your expectations in case lock price, quality, and delivery.

If you are looking for case locks, you’ve come to the right place. Your briefcase with locks will definitely look better and more secure. In case you are a musician or technician, instrument case lock will do you more good.

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Helpful Resources To Know More About Case Lock

For every residence or commercial owner, having a secure private property is important. So, they choose and buy the best lock for their doors. The development of locks and latches also come forth the birth of the case lock. A case lock is a unit that’s capable of securing that your door is perfectly closed. It also serves to give you additional home protection. Homeowners find it useful especially if they’re on a business trip or vacation.

Safety and security are essential in every home. Thus, the best security solution is here to give you the chance to have a peaceful life. You’re able to meet satisfaction in living in your home. Customers also have a great chance to add extra security to their home.

The best results for every buyer are within their reach. The case lock makes this happen. When you have an excellent lock, you would feel the delight of living in a secure home. The following chapters would show you what a case lock is. You also know more about its uses, importance, features, benefits and much more.

Chapter 1: What a Case Lock Means

Securing your door is important in your home. It gives you safety and protection. Thus, you need an excellent lock to keep you safe. There are many locks in the market that buyers can choose. These offer you satisfaction in keeping your home safe from intruders. For customers, safety in their home matters most.

Hence, if you’re familiar with the case lock, you have safety and security. You need to know what its meaning to understand how it works.

What is a Case Lock?

It’s a device that keeps the door lock and secure. A case lock suit both wood and steel doors. You can be sure that its mechanism is perfect to secure your home. The quality of the product matches the feature and benefits it has for users. A case lock passes the security standards that most buyers look for. For clients in need of extra comfort, the lock promises a good result. Don’t worry if you’re having a long vacation, as this lock covers the security and safety of your private property.

A case lock meets the needs of commercial owners, too. It gives business owners’ the peace of mind of securing their establishment, especially after business hours. The lock is known for easy-operation and gives you the comfort of a secured place all the time.

Customers love the easy installation process of the case lock. You have the edge in adding security to your residence. The handy device also offers a lifetime use for all buyers. Living alone may no longer be safe especially these days but worry no more. When you have installed this case lock, it ensures that safety is within your reach.

Also, you’re free to make a fast purchase of the product. You have the chance to choose the case lock you want. Hence, it does not only promise you of a secure home. But it also guarantee you of happiness all the time.

Chapter 2: The Appropriate Lock Size

Now, you have an idea of the meaning of a case lock. If you learn how to use it effectively, you need to consider the size it has. Consumers would buy big case locks. They think that these are impossible to break. But, it’s not always the case.  You need to be sure first if the lock works for your door.

Just like with other buyers, you have an edge if having a secured home or office if you consider the following:

The Right Lock Case Size

Many homeowners would think a big size is hard for intruders to damage. In some cases it’s true but, you can also pick the small lock cases. You can observe that no matter the size that you choose, the durability is there. A reliable quality matters a lot in achieving full security of your home. A big lock that has a cheap quality would not last long in your house. But, if you choose a small lock, you have a chance to achieve success.

Materials of the Lock Case

It would be easy if you consider the right lock case materials. It gives you the advantage in keeping your home secure. It’s a wise decision to pick a durable material such as steel. It’s a perfect combination of a steel door. The cheap material doesn’t stand a chance to cracks due to excessive use. Despite the small size, you sure should choose it as this lock has an excellent solid surface.

The Design and Type of Door You Have

The design and quality of the door matters if you’re choosing the right size. For example, if you have a steel door, it night sounds a bit weird, but it would be best to pick a small one. Why? You have comfort in opening it if you’re in a hurry. Also, you have a sure way of achieving excellent security in your home. If you have a big door, it would be great to choose a big case lock.

But, you have to consider the materials for the case lock. Durability and quality of the materials matters. Whether it is a small or big type of case lock, each of it is made from quality materials. Giving you, the buyers, and the option to choose what is best according to your needs.

Chapter 3: Case Lock Features

One of the things a consumer looks for in a product is its features. It’s the same for buyers looking for the best case locks. You have an edge in using it at home or in the office. But, you have to make sure the features of this lock are applicable and will complement the sturdiness of your door. Also, make it to the point that you check the product’s features before buying.

Case locks are very reliable due to the durability it has. Also, the lifetime warranty is an excellent feature that you should need to check for this particular product.

Excellent for Wood or Steel Doors

A case lock handles any door you have at home. It’s perfect for wood doors due to the extra strength it provides. Whatever size of case lock you choose, it will surely fit the style and elegance of your door. The durable material also makes a big difference at your residence. For steel doors, a small case lock with key is perfect.

Consumers Can Use It Easily

The durability of a case lock is not only the reason that customers love it. The user-friendly feature it has is another reason. If you’re in hurry, closing and locking the gate is just made easy. No need for you to do double or even triple checks it once you lock it. With its durable and compact design, you are confident that your property is secured. The easy and fast operation guarantees the best satisfaction for clients.

Creative and Durable Design

With its exceptional and durable design, isn’t this case lock worth purchasing for? You can expect a smooth way of opening and closing of your door. Also, this design that you will choose will surely match your door. There’s a chance you would be sure to achieve the comfort you want. You can choose from the diverse designs that would make your life comfortable.

Chapter 4: The Parts of the Case Lock

As a buyer, just as you know the importance of having a secure home, there is a big need for you to be familiar with the case lock parts. You may be after the design but make sure to check that this particular lock has these durable parts. By knowing these, you have a sure way of achieving satisfaction with the lock.

Consumers love a product that has effective parts. It serves the worthy use of the product. A case lock operates with perfection, thanks to its quality parts. When you use the lock, you have the assurance that it would fit according to your needs.

The Deadbolt and its Use

The deadbolt plays a vital role in closing the door. If you press down the handle, it detracts from the lock. Then it would swing back as you put the handle in the right position. The process is easy, and any buyer would know it. For you, it adds excellent security to your home. You have options for making your home more secure.

In using it to the door, there is no need to worry about big adjustments. You don’t need extra equipment for it as it is easy to install. The deadbolt does its work well assuring you of a secure place to work or stay.

The Latch Bolt for Your New Door

For your steel or wood doors, the latch bolt is a perfect case lock part. It’s due to the standard feature it has. You would be able to use the door without any hassle. Some case locks have a combination in their deadbolts. The latch bolt does its part to make the opening, and closing process of the door is excellent. It coordinates with the other components to secure the door in place.

Hookbolt Controls the Secure and Safety of the Door

It’s one important part you can’t miss. The Hookbolt works with the deadbolt to provide an extra boost on the security of the home. You can have an easy and fast operation of the case lock due to this part. The process of resetting the lock becomes an easy task. There’s a secure way of doing it due to the Hookbolt.

See? Knowing the essential parts of a particular product is not a waste of time. This is helpful in a way that you know that the product that you are eyeing is worth buying for. Each of the parts is essential to ensure success in the lifetime use of the case lock. It’s up to you o the design and type of lock that you’re going to get.

Chapter 5: Case Lock Installation

Knowing the case lock parts is essential in the installation process. Unlike other door locks, you are sure to have an excellent and fast installation of this lock. You need the right tools to finish the job on time. Buyers love the idea of having an easy way of installing their locks. It adds to their convenience to use it at home.

Removing the screws is not a hassle for most users.  You need a screwdriver to make it a success. Then, you can proceed to the next process. Removing the latch is also an easy task. You can use cardboard to proceed to the next step but just be careful in doing so. You wrap the board in the door edge to achieve satisfaction in its use.

If you’re asking how to reset case lock, it’s easy. You can just follow the guide that is already included in your purchase. If you have a metal door, it’s essential to use a different screw to make the reset process a success. You can transfer case lock up depending on the door you have. Check first the style or type of door that you have before purchasing a particular lock.

Chapter 6: Benefits of Using a Case Lock

If you are sure to change your previous one with this case lock, then you should ready yourself to experience the benefits that it brings. One of these is safety. It is the top priority that most buyers look for. A particular lock won’t be effective if it is not capable of securing your things or even your place. Also, you look into the lifetime convenience it would give your family.

You would know you have the best products if you are satisfied with the benefits that it gives. The case lock can provide that to you and much more. One of these of these is the durability of the steel case lock parts. You have the assurance of lifetime use.

User-Friendly to All Customers

Customers love to have easy and secure use of the product. You can have that with the case lock. The product has user-friendly options. It ensures each user has satisfaction in using it. You can install or rest it with ease. Also, you can be sure to use it in any door you have at home.

Dependable materials to Create Successful Use

If you’re looking for the right materials, the case lock has it.  Customers like the deadbolt, the frame, latch lock and more. It serves as a great way to achieve its successful use. It comes from quality steel to assure the lock would last for longer years.

Fits in Any Wood or Steel Door

The case lock is the big solution for the needs of clients. It’s perfect for both steel and wood doors. Also, customers love its style and elegance that matches their door. Whether you install it in front or at your back door, it’s easy, and the security that it gives is remarkable.

Chapter 7: Purchase and Customers Satisfaction

Security is important in any home. So, an easy way of purchasing this particular product is an advantage. You have the assurance of making better home security. There’s a great chance of giving your family the safety it needs to have.

There is a large quantity of the case lock hardware for each client. Business owners also have the best price of case locks at Rochehandle. You can check out the products that guarantee you good quality. Customers deserve to get the best products on the market. The case lock tops the list to make their home secure.

The satisfaction comes from the overall benefit of the product. You can be sure that a peaceful and secure home is the result. There’s also a chance of influencing other buyers to buy the products. Here, you’re sure to have the success you deserve to have.


A case lock proves to be a reliable tool for all clients. It elevates the security of your home. The process together with the materials is excellent for your safety. You don’t have to ask for other locks in your home. One of the best benefits it can give you is the easy use of the lock in your home. Customers would love the fast and easy response it provides them in making their home safe.

Ultimately, a case lock is perfect for your safety and security needs at home. The easy process of resetting it is one great reason for you to make a purchase. You’re sure to create a better life for your family. A secure and safe home leads to a meaningful and happy life. To get the best case lock today, visit us at rochehardware