Quick Release Pins

Quick Release Pins

The main application of quick release pins is to fasten, locate, and align, adjust or remove accessories on equipment. Rochehardware is not only a quick release pins manufacturer but also a quick release pins design company in China.

Rochehardware quick release pins, detent pins, and other quick release devices are manufactured in a variety of different styles and sizes in an effort to support your any application.

We offer different type quick release pins, push-button handle quick release pins, safety quick release pins with a pull ring, L handle quick release pins, quick release pins (pippins) with t handle, quick release ball pin. Ball Lock Pins are positive locking until released by pushing the button, which moves the center spindle forward to allow the locking balls to retract.

Rochehardware offers different types of locking pins, such as marine ball lock pins, marine dent pins, heavy-duty ball lock pins, adjustable ball lock pins, expanding diameter pins, double-acting ball lock pins, lifting pins, positive lock pins, ball lock receiver caps.

The material of quick release pins is typically manufactured using stainless steel or carbon steel. Rochehardware is also willing and able to quote any special variations and beyond the standard offering spring-loaded locking pins.

If you are looking for quick release pins and have detailed requirement ideas in mind, rochehardware design team will be here to help you. Through our 3 hours rapid response services from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your expert quick-release pin design partner in China.

At rochehardware we can answer any quick release pins tech questions such as quick release pin mechanism or any other questions that you may have, please feel free to contact us anytime for your custom quick release pins design projects.

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Quick Release Pins


Quick Release Pins also called as detent pins are hand operated and non-threaded cylindrical fasteners or tools that are quick and easy to operate. These pins are inserted into one or more holes for fixing a component’s position join components as well as keep the alignment between them in the assemblies that need frequent adjustment.

It is usually used for holding shear loads on plated steel and stainless steel apparatuses. This tool has different classifications. Typically, the quick release pins are used for fast assembling and disassembling. It often uses a method to offer a locking- action. It utilized a clearance-fit into the holes and was classified into two types:

Positive-locking pins

The positive-locking quick release pin comes with a locking action that is independent of the removing and insertion forces. Its main suite applications such as shear-load ones can have some loading tension that is tolerated without the need of distressing the function of the pin. The positive locking quick release pins have 3 classifications.

The positive locking pins are push-button devices that incorporate a solid stainless-steel spindle. It also has necked down waist area. On the at-rest position, the main diameter of the spindle can secure the ball on its extended position.

As the push button is activated, the spindle’s waist area can move under the balls. It allows the ball to retract inside of the shank. It enables the pins to be strong in tension. Example of this is when a 1/ 2” 17-4, 2 ball pin is rated at 1,160 pounds of pull out strength.

  • Double-acting pins – these types of quick release pin are a modification of single-action types and have a bidirectional, spring-located plunger. The movement of its plunger in different directions release the locking balls.
  • Heavy-duty cotter pins– this quick release pin uses a forged, high- carbon steel body for replacing the conventional split-cotter construction. It has a locking action that is offered by a tempered-steel snap ring that is mounted on the head of the pin.
  • Single-acting pins– comes with a locking action that is controlled by a plunger-actuated locking mechanism. In the lock position, its locking element projects beyond the pink shank surface to offer a positive lock. As the plunger was moved through lever assembly or button on one end of the pin, its locking element retracts. Moreover, the release mechanisms and head styles were made for these pins.

Push-pull pins

The push-pull quick release pins are usually crafted from the solid shank or hollow with a ball, locking lug as well as a button that is backed-up through a resilient core, plug or spring. These type of pins are 0.002 to 0.004 inches undersized in order to fit different hole-drilled to the normal diameter sizes.

The main use of the push-pull quick release pins is to fastening up the parts under a shear loading. It has a locking method that is especially made in such a manner to give safe retention from accidental disassembly. The load direction in this pin must be at right angles to the shank of the pin. Meanwhile, this type of quick release pin is not advisable to use on huge loads.

Aside from the types mentioned above, quick release pins can also be classified by its handle or head type. These types are the following:

  • T-Handle Quick Release Pins
  • Round Head Quick Release Pins
  • Ring Handle Quick Release Pins
  • L-handle Quick Release Pins


The following are two types of quick release pins that you can find in the market today.

  • Jergens KLB-03-08 Stainless Steel Kwik Lok Pin W/ Button Handle, 3/ 16” OD, 1/ 2 L

It’s a rounded-head quick release pin. These pins are ideal for applications that have restricted space. This is a stainless steel pin that is commonly used in locking-pin applications that contains corrosion resistance.

  • Jergens KLIM-0-10 Stainless  Steel Kwik Lok Pins L-Handle 5mm OD 10 mm Grip Length

This item is classified as an L-handle quick release pin. It gives a firm grip for applications wherein the T-handle does not suit.


Quick Release Pins

Quick release pins are mainly used to locate, fasten, adjust, remove, as well as align accessories on equipment. These pins are made with different sizes and styles to support various applications. Steel, as well as stainless steel quick release pins, can release quicker with a pull or push. You can use it easily because of its push-pull design.

Quick release pins are used for repetitive and usual connections like exercise equipment, weight selector pin or for applications wherein the object must be released quickly without difficulty like a fire extinguisher mounting bracket.

Detent Pins

Detent Pins

These quick release pins come with springs within the pin shaft that is used for applying force on two ball bearings that extrude into the holes of the pin. To release, this pin locks firmly as it is inserted into the locked position. It simply needs a pull for a release.

Detent pins incorporate a unique mechanism. The cross hole can be drilled part way with the pin. Then, the spring and ball are pressed down in. You can swage the hole, and the resulting pin can be moved easily by pulling it. It requires few pounds of force to pull the pin free.

The advantage of the detent pins is its less cost for non-critical applications. Meanwhile, if your concern is safety, then, it is advisable for you to use the positive locking instead of detent pins. The detent pins is referred as the most economical pin that is available in the market today.

It gives you with a low release force that is needed for removal. These quick release pins are available in different custom and metric sizes. It has standard diameters that range from 3/ 16 “to 3”. The pin has 300 series stainless, 4130 alloy steel, 17 to 4 stainless steel construction as well as stress proof alloy.

L Handle Quick Release Pins

L Handle Quick Release Pins

L Handle Quick Release Pins are made in different sizes. These pins are manufactured with the use of state of the art technology and top quality materials for your needs. Some of its top qualities are its high durability and corrosion resistance.

These quick release pins are made from stainless steel materials and come with chrome or polish plated finish. They are used for yachts, helicopters, military vehicles, aircraft, and high-performance cars.

Marine Pins

The marine pins are quick release pins that have recessed button handle style pin to avoid accidental actuation of the pin. It has a ring handle style pin that is perfect for applications that need small clearance around the pin.

It comes with a detent style that gives you a practical pull and pushes action wherein minimum tension loads are needed while providing substantial shear loads. It has a consistent, reliable and repeatable performance for its perfect use for your different applications.

T Handle Quick Release Pins

Quick Release Pins With T Handle

This positive locking pin can’t release unless the button on the handle is depressed that enable the balls to retract into the pin for removal and insertion.

Adjustable Diameter Pins

The adjustable diameter pins can incorporate expanding segments that completely fill the hole. It results in zero clearance. It has a tight radial fit that offers shear strength and high tensile capabilities which also eliminates vibration.

The adjustable diameter bolts also come with a top clam-up capability. These type of pins has blind  bolts  that are  easy to remove and install from one side only. In addition to that, two or more mating structures can be clamped up. At the same time, the parts are aligned, and the hole is filled.

Shackle Pins

The shackle pins are quick release pins that are made for heavy lifting applications. It comes with an increased tensile performance and strength. Its strength is three times the strength of the standard pin.

Cam Lever Pins

The cam lever pins can give you a quick release of locking an element with just a minimal effort. These type of quick release pins come with 4 balls that have higher tensile strength applications.

Some pins need receptacles for easy and quick assemblies and applications. These are made to use with the auto-lock pins.

High Tensile Pins

The high tensile pins come with a steelhead design pawl pin that is available upon request. It offers you with a solid as well as firm grip for easy handling. It has a simple attachment for an optional lanyard.

Ball Lock Pins

These quick release pins have high strength having a precision ground shank. These are positive locking when released through pushing the button. It moves the center spindle forward that enables the locking balls to retract the double-acting version that is released by pulling or pushing. The ball lock pins have different types like adjustable ball lock pins, heavy-duty ball lock pins, lifting pins, double acting ball lock pins, marine pins and ball rock receiver caps that are perfect for securing Ball pins utilized in clevis  applications.

Ball lock pins are considered as self-locking pins. The balls are unlocked without the use of tools. They are unlocked through the use of a press button. Meanwhile, ball lock pins are also referred to as a safety pin, locking pin, and quick release pin. You can use them in different applications and industries. They are used in connecting, locking, fixing, adjusting as well as quick change for positions.

Usually, the ball lock pins are highly resistant against corrosion and shear. These pins are also significantly protected against wear. These pins are available in different types and styles. It comes with various handle versions like L handle, T handle, safety handle, mushroom handle, elastic handle,  standard handle, and combination handle in four color variants including black, gray, orange  and blue.

The ball lock pins are also made from various materials like titanium, stainless steel 1.4305, and stainless steel 1.4542.  They come with a socket pin that has spring loaded balls but is not self-locking. The self-locking ball lock pin comes with an adjustable clamping span.

It also has self-locking, clamping pins with span compensation. These pins also come with accessories like bushings for socket pins and ball lock pins. It comes with bushings that have a flange for socket pin and ball lock pins. Moreover, it also has retaining cables that come with various versions.

Marine Style Quick Release Pins

Marine style quick release pins are also available in different sizes. These pins are perfect for applications in military vehicles, yachts, aircraft, high-performance cars, and helicopters.


Quick Release Pins

Do you want to learn more about quick release pins? Then, keep reading this e-book up to the end. Quick release pins have adjacent joining parts which can be released quickly because of its elongated pin has a torsion member.

The torsion member gives flexible arms which terminate in looped-ends which are arranged to project from the opposite sides. With this, the withdrawal from adjacent parts is avoided unless the pin is extended with enough force to be looped back in the interior.

The torsion member provides a pre-stress stroke by the coil portion. It enables the walls of a cylindrical niche in the pin that diverge through the straight arms to extend from the coil part linearly with the wall surfaces of the niche.

Quarter turn pins are another commonly used of quick release pins in the industry. They are often used in inspections panels. These pins are also available various grades of sizes and metal to suit your specific needs.

Example of a quick release pin used on an aircraft must have a high specification. It also works efficiently on securing the access panel on a factory’s drilling machine. Applications that need quick release pin need to withstand or carry a higher load. You may consider it by the use of live lock panel fasteners which are the development of the quarter turn fastening.

They are usually used in aircraft internally and fastened merely using two turns. The best about it is that it can withstand tensile and high shear loads. Another example of this fastening is on the front wing of an F1 car.


Quick Release Pins

Quick release pins offer different functions in various applications. With that, you must also be aware of how they are measured. The specifications of the ring style variable grip quick release pins like pin dia. ranges from 1/ 4 to 3/ 4 and grip lengths range from about 0.6 to 3.1.

The ring style variable grips quick release pins comes with plated steel materials as well as stainless steel locking balls. Its diameters are made to fit the normal drilled holes in commercial tolerances (tight holes must be deburred or reamed). You can choose the grip length which is a little bit longer than the entire thickness of material wherein the pin will be inserted.

It also uses 1.6 grip length pin for 1 1/ 2 material thickness. You can also use 2.1 grip length for 2”thickness material. It offers the optimum safety factor.


  • Push to insert- pull to release
  • Single ball
  • All the quick release pins are zinc plated
  • Grip length = +0.032 – 0.0
  • Pin diameter = +0.0 – 0.002
  • Other diameters, materials, and grip length are available upon request.


Quick Release Pins

While learning the functions of quick release pins, you probably also like to learn how to remove it. The following ideas will help you how to remove quick release pins.

  • You can activate the spring bar when you compress one side down just like the traditional style pins. You can also try to rotate the pin inside the band for exposing the quick release gizmo and try to activate it with the use of a tiny screwdriver.
  • You can also use wire cutters to remove quick release pins.
  • If you want to remove the quick release pin, you can take a thumbtack or needle and stick it on the hole where the pin was placed. Then, you can compress it to remove the pin.
  • You can use a butter knife between the watch and band. Then, you can press the knife against the pin and rotate it towards the band. It can compress the spring inside the pin that will release the band.
  • You can also push the silicon band on the other side to get your finger or thumbnail into the gap and get the little groove around the end of the pin and get it out. Meanwhile, if you want to remove the quick release pin easily, a watch pin removal tool is the perfect solution.

To sum it up, if you find it hard to remove quick release pins, you can seek the advice of the professionals. More importantly, you can also buy a quick release pin removal available in the market. You can get these with affordable prices that can make you smile.


Quick Release Pins

Quick release pins for watch bands

Your watch is one of the most important factors to complete your daily sense of fashion. With that, you need to protect it from damage. Quick release pins are necessary to complete the function of your watch.

Some watch collectors are getting worried when swapping their watch bands more often because they think that is easy to scratch the lugs on the procedure of adding as well as removing traditional spring pins. Worry no more; the following tips will help you to fix this without damaging your watch.

Meanwhile, before that, you must know that there are two basic types of pins having internal springs that are used for attaching most of the watch bands. These are the traditional spring pins as well as the quick release pins. The traditional spring pins are mostly found in watches that come with vintage pieces, while the quick release pins are all in the name. It is made for speedy removal, so this style comes with a little ball on the side. With that, you can slide the spring using your finger than using a removal tool.

If you have a stock band on your watch, you can use traditional spring pins. If you want to remove the pins effectively, it is highly suggested for you to use a pin removal tool. There are two kinds of pin removal tool, the full-size steel tool (one end which is forked, and the other straight) and the mini version.

In these tools, the forked end is the most usually used, but some watches come with small holes on the outside of the lugs. With this, you can use the narrow end to push the pin out, instead of pulling it towards you using the forked end.

Before starting the procedure, make sure that the face of your watch is protected through prepping your work area. You can lay it down in a microfiber cloth or durable fabric to avoid scratching on the glass while switching the watch strap.

Some people think that it is a struggle changing the watch bands since there is a possibility of scratching and slipping the lugs through the metal spring pin removal tool. Some recommended that it is applicable to put four small squares of tape around the lugs. With this method, you can make sure that the lugs are still safe. While you use Scotch tape, you can also put a sticky residue on your watch.

It is highly recommended using the blue painter’s tape, but clear tape is also ok. You just need to remove the excess residue using rubbing alcohol and cotton swab. This procedure is effective if you will occasionally swap out your watch band.

If you have a band that has quick release pins on it, you can use the thumbnail in pushing the metal ball beneath the strap and pop it into place.

Quick release pins for bikes

It is natural that bikes are among the most favorite forms of exercise of health-conscious individuals today. Well, to learn more about the function of your bike keep reading until the end. Quick release wheels utilize a cam mechanism to make your bicycle’s wheels to be removed faster without using tools. Quick release pins are also used for stems and seat posts.

Quick release was invented way back in the 1930s. It effectively works by simply clamping against the outer faces of your bicycle’s dropouts. The skewer is a rod that fits inside the hollow hub axle. The quick release mechanism is composed of the lever/ skewer/ cam assembly, the adjusting nut (acorn nut) as well as two small conical springs.

Sometimes, the quick release mechanism needs to be removed from the hub, example when overhauling the hub. The skewer can slide out the axle after adjusting nut and when the one conical spring has been removed.

You need to reinstall the spring and adjust the nut on the skewer for storage. With that, you must not misplace them. The conical springs can be press against the ends of the axle and center the skewer over the dropouts.

The narrow end of every spring must be placed at the end of the axle. When you tighten the skewer, these springs compress so that it fits into a recess in the inner face of the adjusting nut or cam. However, when the spring is facing the wrong way, it can bend out shape as you tighten and adjust quick release.

The quick release works even without springs, but the installation of the wheel is more laborious since the skewer needs to be centered by hand before the axle can slide into the dropouts. The adjusting nut has a friction insert which makes the wheel to be reinstalled or removed without having a readjustment.

Quick release pins Bunnings

Quick release pins for Bunnings are used for securing the ends of shafts wherein there is a risk of the clip falling off or vibrating loose. These quick release pins are zinc plated, reusable, easy to install and comes with a pack of 2.

Quick release pins ball lock

Quick release pins ball locks have different applications in locating, fastening as well as alignment. These positive locking pins can’t release unless the button of the handle was depressed. Thus, it allows the balls to retract into the shank.

Al of the quick release pins is available in different diameters and lengths with shanks  that are made from 17  to 4 stainless steel, 4130 alloy steel or 300 series stainless steel. These pins are also provided in weld-in style.

With the quick release pins ball lock, the user can quickly engage and retract the plunger for fastening, locating and quickly change operations.


Standard Duty Detent Pins

The standard duty detent pins are perfect for basic removal and holding applications that don’t need a positive locking ball feature. Its body shank is CRES 303 stainless with CRES 316 stainless spring and ball. These pins are activated through a pull or push motion. It also includes a split ring for attaching the optional general purpose lanyard. It is available in optional sizes, materials, and styles.

Marine Hitch Pins

Among the quick release pins, the marine hitch pins are the most corrosive resistant pin for the harshest, marine environments. These pins are also classified into three types.

  • Heavy Duty Detent Marine Hitch Pin

The heavy duty detent marine hitch pin offers a great pull out force because of its heavy-duty spring as well as locking balls.

  • Ring Handle Marine Hitch Pin

The ring handle marine pin is made for applications that require small clearance area around the pin. It contains a body and spindle which has 17 to 4 stainless steel. It comes with 300 series stainless steel, springs and balls, handles and button.

  • Recessed Button Handle Marine Hitch Pin

The recessed button handle marine hitch pin is made to help you avoid accidental actuation of the pin. It also comes with springs and balls, button, handles and 300 series stainless steel. It has body and spindle with 17 to 4 stainless steel.

Ring Handle Pins

Ring handle pins are offered in different sizes. These quick release pins are available in 5 handle designs, metric or inch as well as stainless steel and carbon steel. The configuration of the ring handle pin is made for applications that need a small clearance surface around the pin.

Button Handle Pins

  • Heavy duty button handle pins

These quick release pins are specially made with various sizes to suit every application. It is available in different inch or metric sizes, handle styles, stainless steel, and carbon steel. More importantly, the configuration of the button handle pin offers a firm grip to give you a comfortable and smooth operation.

These pins have met or even exceed the NASM 23460 specifications. It has stainless steel material to offer great corrosion resistance. Its handle finish is also made from stainless steel. It comes with a ring to provide easy attachment of an optional lanyard.

  • Button Handle Pins

These button pins also come with 5 handle styles, stainless steel, carbon steel, and inch or metric. The configuration of the button handle pins is ideal for applications that have limited space. Its shank material is made from stainless steel.

Its button has blue anodized aluminum. The handle is a black anodized, machined aluminum. It also contains a ring for smooth attachment of option lanyard.

Round Head Quick Release Pin

The round head quick release pin provides fast, easy and positive engagement as well as high holding strength for applications that need frequent and repetitive use. These pins are reliable when it comes to speed, safety, and dependability.


Stainless steel quick release pins can be used for many locking-pin purposes. Most quick release pins are made with a ring that can be easily attached to the lanyard. These pins are applicable in different areas such as disassembling for retaining and cleaning the bodywork on the military vehicles, racing car, helicopters, and aircraft. Quick release pins are also used for retaining shops for the equipment of high-performance yachts.

Quick release pins are essential tool for different applications.  There are also quick release pins for motorsports. It helps a lot to secure the bonnet of the rally cars or saloon cars. These pins are also used for fastenings the cupboard doors on sailing boats, wherein you can unlock the cupboard door by pushing the button inwardly. It will bring the springs outwards to open the cupboard door.

On the other hand, if you want to lock it, you just need to shut the door and push the button. Quick release pins can be easily found around your home, kitchen cupboards, as well as furniture that is being fitted with pre-tensioned, latches and push to close or open.

Quick release pins can give you easy and positive engagement and top holding strength for different applications that need repetitive use. There is high competition in the market. So you need to be wise enough on choosing the best and most trusted suppliers of the most excellent quality of quick release pins for different applications.

Do you desire to have more customized quick release pins? Then, worry no more, since special designs can be manufactured and designed for your specific applications. Do you have the highest standards for your quick release needs? Then, this e-book can be your best guide about this tool.

You can learn the definition of quick release pins, its types, and uses. You can also know how it is measured and more. This e-book is a complete guide about quick release pins. With that, you can have the best idea and choose the best and top quality quick release pins for your particular applications.