Case Latches

Case Latches

These case latches also called briefcase latches, they are widely used in the flight case, road case, DJ case, musical case, wood case, toolbox, electric cabinet. An example is a case latch that is attached on a guitar case hardware.

The briefcase latches have two different material:steel or 201 stainless steel,304 stainless steel. These case latches finish can be nickel-plated, chrome-plated, zinc plated. Tumbled for stainless steel suitcase latch.

Rochehardware is a professional case latches manufacturer in China, our clients are proud of our product’s quality. we are continually seeking new road case latches to fill needs that have not yet been met. We persist driven to satisfy, driven to deliver instrument case latches product line that exceeds your expectations in price, quality, and delivery.

If you are looking for case latches, you’ve come to the right place.
Import these recessed case latches to skyrocket your business.

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Guide to Finding the Suitable Case Latch for Your Needs

Do you know what a latch is?

And, are you wondering how does a case latch look like?

Technically speaking:

The latch is generally a type of fastener joining two or more surfaces or objects while still allowing their regular separation.

Latches typically engage a piece of hardware in the other mounting surface.

Depending on the design and type of latch, it somehow engages a little device known as a strike or keeper.

Latches are not really the same as the locking mechanisms of your windows or doors.

They are different even though they’re frequently found together on the same piece or area.

Flight Case Latch

Latches vary regarding styles, materials, sizes, types, and designs.

Case latches are among the well-known types.

There are different case latches available in the market today.

It pays to choose the most suitable case latch that perfectly suits your needs.

The best case latches are built to last.

They are unmatched in terms of quality and durability.

From smallest to largest cases, there is now a wide range of case latches to fulfill your needs.

Choosing the most suitable case latch can, therefore, be challenging and confusing so this eBook will guide you accordingly in the selection and buying process.

Chapter 1: Latch for Case

Your case latch can say something about you.

Or, it can be an extension of your unique personality not to mention its significant functions in your day to day life.

Choosing the right latch for your case is an excellent way of addressing your specific needs.

By doing so, you are also increasing its value and protection.

As with most types of latches, executing deep assessments and extensive research about case latch is a must.

It will yield to a more informed buying decision and an ultimately successful purchase.

So, it pays to take some time researching.

Your knowledge about this product can actually make a big difference.

It can lead you to failure or success in your purchase.

If you gathered the wrong information and you end up in the wrong place or supplier.

This will decrease your chance to pick the most suitable latch for your case.

Also, when choosing latch for the case, there are various things that you need to consider such as:

  • Style

When selecting latch for the case, choose a style that complements your case and suits your needs.

You also need to be clear with your purpose as to why you are choosing such latch.

Consider the style of the latch that it will actually be used in.

Also, don’t forget to take note the style where your latch will be used on.

For better and clearer understanding:

There are different styles of case latch available in the market.

You can search online and browse for relevant details and information about this case latches.

Remember that the internet can provide you with tons of information regardless of any product including case latches.

Your extensive online research can be the key towards an in-depth understanding of the case latch styles.

This will be very vital during the selection process.

When choosing the best style of the latch for the case, take smart decisions into account.

Never settle for the ones that first come your way.

The style should suit your needs and your personal preference as well.

  • The condition of Case Latch

This also plays an essential part in choosing the suitable case latch process.

You need to check on the condition of the latch and see if this serves its intended function or purpose.

There’s no good investing on case latches that don’t really deliver good quality and functionality.

  • The Size

When choosing case latch, opt for the right size.

But, with the countless sizes available?

Determining the suitable size of case latch to purchase can be challenging and confusing.

This is specifically true for first-time buyers.

The thing here is, you need to decide on the size based on the type of case where the latch will be put or installed.

  • Types

There are actually different types of case latches to choose from.

And, deciding on the right type for your exact needs is very vital.

There are guitar case latch, display case latch, bookcase door latch and more that individuals can choose from depending on their needs.

There are simple case latches

And there are those that exude impressive aesthetic sophistication.

But what really matters is you get the type that can keep your case closed securely.

With high-quality case latch, you keep your valuables secured while you are on the go.

The following chapters will reveal to you the different types of case latches available.

These can help you weigh your options and go for the one that you think is best for your need.

Chapter 2: Essential Tips When Choosing Stainless Steel Case Latch

The numerous beneficial value offered by stainless steel makes it an ultimately powerful material.

Designers, architects, and engineers sometimes overlook and underestimate this value.

It is due to the view that stainless steel has a higher initial cost.

Briefcase Latch

What’s Stainless Steel?

It is a low-carbon steel material that contains chromium at about 10% by weight or more.

It’s this addition in chromium that actually gives the stainless steel the uniqueness and the great corrosion-resistant properties.

Chromium content of stainless steel enables the formation of adherent, invisible, tough and corrosion-resistant chromium oxide film in steel surface.

In case damaged chemically or mechanically, the film is said to be self-healing provided that oxygen is present even in small amount.

The Roche Handle uses highest-grade and premium quality stainless steel in their case latch products.

It is the premiere handle company in China offering handles and case latches that suit everyone’ s needs.

Helpful Tips to Follow When Choosing the Most Suitable Stainless Steel Case Latch for your Needs

Case Latch can be an appealing product for anyone to use.

This is especially true if the latch for the case is made of stainless steel.

There are things to consider when getting stainless steel case latch such as:

  • A good case latch should have a quality finish.

This must also feature well-polished stainless steel texture.

  • Properties of stainless steel must be weighed in.

The stainless steel case latch must have good strength and can withstand extremes.

  • The stainless steel case latch to choose must resist corrosion and rust.

This is a must so that your case remains beautiful, secure and functional.

  • How the stainless steel case latch was made should also be taken into consideration.

Some are made small, while there are others that are made bigger.

Some case latch is designed on the simple level, while others were designed with added style and sophistication.

Which one is the best for your needs?

Take time to check on these important factors when getting stainless steel case latch.

A good one will always feature the best finish and the highest quality and right stainless steel type.

Chapter 3: A Helpful Guide to Getting the Right Latch for your Case

Struggling to choose the right latch for your case?

Don’t worry we are here for you.

There are many options available, and this makes the selection process confusing.

Luckily, you got this!

Yes, this ebook!

This will guide you accordingly to get what you exactly need even for the first time.

Sounds great right?

There are countless choices of case latches.

These come in different styles, designs, sizes, materials, and finishes.

It pays to find the right latch, you know why?

Because getting the right one means your latch on the case coordinated perfectly!

For sure, you are also excited about this!

Also, good quality of case latches, the better.

Now, here’s your helpful guide.

With the information below, you are sure to end up with the right purchase.

Size and Case Latch Length

Case latches come in different lengths and sizes.

When buying, better ask yourself.

“Is this too short or long for my case?

Or is it too big or too small?”

Remember, cases have different measurements.

The right latch to choose for your case must fit its measurement.

Yes… Measurement!

There’s no point in buying case latches that don’t complement the size or measurement of your case!

Got the point, my friend?

It’s a yes for sure!

Since cases have different sizes, the overall size or measurement of the latch must compliment the case’s size.

Failure to consider size and measurement as well as length results to what?


Ending up with the wrong latch for a case?

It’s very painful and inconvenient, my friend!

The Weight of Case Latch

In your pursuit to get the right case latch, size and length isn’t everything.

Weight also matters.

Case latch must be lightweight as much as possible.

Aside from weight, case latch must also ensure total resistance.

The case latch you will choose should also be indestructible and so heavy stuff can be carried on the case safely and easily.

Tough Built

It is worth buying a case latch that is completely tough.

Its tough built can provide maximum protection even on heavy stuff and other items of different kinds that are put inside the case.

Your decision can make or break your case latch purchase, so you need to be mindful of your choices. It would be best to carry out research to learn more about case latch.

This is a means to ensure that your case latch matches your needs and purposes.

If you’re in doubt on what case latch to choose, read on.

This e-book will guide you through.

You can also give us a call if you are in search for quality case latch.

Roche Handle has complete selections made available to you.

They will be happier to help you in recommending the right case latch for you.

The company understands the hassle of ending up with the wrong latch.

It is for this reason that they are offering the complete range of the right case latches to clients.

They are also committed to helping clients make the right choice.

Chapter 4: What Guitar Case Latch to Choose?

Guitars usually come with certain types of gig bag or case.

Unless you always leave your guitar at home, you’ll probably find it insufficient for your needs.

One of the important steps when buying a new guitar is figuring out what case you actually need.

Guitar Case Latch

Common types of guitar cases include soft gig cases, hard cases, and a hybrid.

Hybrid combines the soft and hard features of flight cases. The gig bags have the benefits of being inexpensive, lightweight, and usually, have pockets where accessories can be stored.

But, many guitar owners would agree that this does not provide the best protection against bangs and bumps.

The ideal features to look for are neck support, padding, backpack straps, shoulder straps, sturdy zippers, durable and thick materials, and more.

The hard guitar cases are expensive and bulky and provide more protection from bangs and bumps.

This even offers added protection from the environment.

The plywood-based cases are said to be less costly.

However,  such are heavier options.

More expensive polyethylene injection molded case and fiberglass case are usually lighter.

When it comes to hard guitar cases, look for great features like hinges, latches, soft-padded interior, storage compartments, built-in wheels, straps, and comfortable and sturdy handles.

Moreover, the flight cases are more suited for longer trips where the guitar is more likely to be loaded on trucks with other baggage and equipment during the flight.

You must also look for features similar to the features of hard cases mentioned above plus extra sturdy hinges and latches, custom-fit foam padding and reinforced corners.

If you are planning to buy from a music store in your locality, it would be best to bring your guitar with you.

In case this is not possible, you can consider shopping online.

All you need to note is the exact model of your guitar.

You also need to gather the exact measurements.

These include the headstock length from neck up to end, overall length, waist width, upper bout width, body depth, and more.

One helpful trick here is to obtain a snug fit.

An ill-fitting case that allows the instrument just to shift around is not good.

It will likely result in it to get damaged.

If you are using a guitar case, you definitely need the right case latch that suits your needs.

To make sure that you end up with the right latch, take time to determine the type and size of your guitar case.

You also need to consider the material since there are latches that are just aren’t compatible with particular guitar case material.

RocheHandle offers the latest and most exclusive latch products, accessories, and other related items.

There are wide varieties to choose from.

Choices include guitar case latch, antique case latch, briefcase latch, display case latch, and more.

Individuals can also get quality case latch bunnings, case latch hardware, case latch lock, case latch rivet, and more items from here.

The company is one of the leading handle manufacturers in China that also supplies a complete range of latch products.

They supply their products not just in China but also in other countries worldwide.

With this company, you are rest assured in terms of quality and durability knowing that a certified manufacturer and supplier deliver all products.

The company can cater to individuals’ diverse needs for latches.

With their complete product categories, it’s more comfortable and more convenient to shop here.

When it comes to what best guitar case latch to choose, your extensive online research can help you come up with a smart decision.

If finally decided to purchase, commit only to a reputable supplier like Roche.

You can surely get the finest quality guitar case latch here.

Chapter 5: Suggested Ways on How to Choose the Best Briefcase Latch

How do you choose the right briefcase latch for your needs?

This is a usual the question that is asked by many especially those on the lookout for the best briefcase latch.

If you consider the following ways, you are sure to end up with the best briefcase latch for your needs:

  • Quality of Latch Used

If you purchase high-quality briefcase, much more that you need to buy even higher quality briefcase latch.

Quality must improve with age.

And the briefcase latch you will choose should not only look fantastic.

It must also be durable enough to last and serve you along with your briefcase for many years to come.

Over time, your briefcase latch can change color and overall appearance.

So, make sure to opt for a top quality latch that is also flexible, durable, and attractive.

The most durable and attractive briefcase is often determined by the quality of latch attach into it.

As much as possible, avoid buying a latch for a briefcase that is made of fake materials.

Remember that your briefcase says something about you.

So, do not put your professional and decent image at great compromise.

You better choose a briefcase latch that can justify quality and efficiency.

  • Materials Used in Briefcase Latch Construction

The materials used for briefcase latch construction do not just affect the price.

This also affects appearance and durability.

The latch takes a lot of abuse daily so when buying a briefcase latch, take time to check on the materials used.Just in case you are purchasing online, take a look on the images of latches.

Zoom in the images as much as possible to view the quality and features of the briefcase latch.

  • The formality of your Briefcase

When choosing a briefcase latch, you also need to consider the form of your briefcase.

It should complement your lifestyle.

Your occupation needs to be taken into account as well.

If you are an accountant or a lawyer, you need to choose a latch that complements a luxurious and stunning leather briefcase.

For formal or casual messenger type of briefcase, choose a latch that functions smoothly and easily.

Opt for latches that make opening and closing easy.

It should be convenient to use.

  • Durability

Look for the hallmarks of unique quality and workmanship when buying a briefcase latch.

The latch should not just be durable.

It should be straight and on top shape.

The surface texture should be consistent.

It pays to choose a briefcase latch that’s made of metals or stainless steel.

Examine and make sure that the latch is free of rust.

The briefcase latch should be adequately and securely fixed into the briefcase.

  • Lifestyle Suitability

If you are carrying your laptop more often, make sure that there is a large compartment.

There should also be enough padding on your briefcase to accommodate your device properly.

Frequent travelers may also opt for the hard case during regular transport.

It does not contract or expand to fit the contents.

If you have plans to take a trip by traveling by air and bringing your briefcase with you, make sure to consider compartments that are security checkpoint-friendly.

It’s not only the briefcase that needs to suit your lifestyle.

The case latch must also be suitable for your briefcase, for your needs, and your lifestyle.

  • Appropriate Size

The size of your latch will largely depend on the size of your briefcase.

Unless a particular situation or job requires it.

It would be best to stick with the appropriate size of the latch.

If the size doesn’t fit, it will look ridiculous and will feel uncomfortable.

And in the long run, it will also become inconvenient for the user.

Depending on the situation, only the appropriate size of the latch is ideal for the briefcase.

Also, depending on how you need to carry your bag and how often, you can consider taking a  case latch that is few inches that the appropriate size.

  • Cost

Expect to pay for several dollars for quality briefcase latch.

If you want something that can last for decades, then don’t settle for less and choose only the best and most reasonably priced latch.

It is true that purchasing cheap latch can save you money.

But, expect that the latch will need to be replaced soon.

It’s just fine to settle with expensive briefcase latch provided that it’s of the highest quality.

The best guideline when buying a latch is to purchase the top quality affordable.

The briefcase is useful equipment for just anyone who often travels with essential documents and with work necessities from or to the office.

This can also be a person’s style statement.

Therefore,  finding the best briefcase is an imperative aspect.

But aside from this, getting the most suitable briefcase latch is also another important matter to keep in mind.

You can check out a wide range of briefcase latch online, and you can purchase this from a trusted manufacturer and supplier like Roche.

Their products come with product warranty.

Chapter 6: Finding the Right Flight Case Latches – Essential Tips to Ponder

In the wide range of case latches available today, flight case is one of the most popular.

These flight cases are actually built to last.

These are also unparalleled in terms of quality and durability.

Case Latch with Key

Do you know what really makes flight case so popular these days?

It’s because of the enormous benefits that they provide.

Benefits of Flight Case

  • Flight cases, especially those that are dustproof and waterproof are stronger than other types of cases
  • Manufactured at any dimension to fit and accommodate small or large stuff
  • Flight cases are designed to ultimate protection for fragile and high-value stuff
  • The corners are molded for shock absorption, so you are guaranteed that your things inside the case are protected
  • Flight cases usually come with box section frame for strength and lightness
  • The components of replaceable for longevity even in extreme settings or environment
  • Flight cases are available in different fixtures and colors, so you’re sure to find what you are looking for
  • Flight cases can be customized

Flight Case Becomes More Secure and Functional With the Right Flight Case Latch

Your flight case is not complete without the perfect case latch.


You are lucky enough because there are now lots of case latches to choose from!

At Rochehardware, you can find variety of beautiful and quality flight case latches that will close your flight case securely.

The case latch is easy to use.

You can conveniently open and close the case without getting damaged or sticking out.

With the right case latch, your flight case will become more functional.

Helpful Tips When Buying Flight Case Latch Online

Let us face it!

There are many reasons in this world why you need to go shopping online.

Great deals and bargains are found online.

Selections of products are mind blowing.

Shopping online is convenient and secure.

Shopping has never been easier and quicker.

It’s true that shopping online is a smart option.

Who wouldn’t enjoy shopping even in the comfort of your own home right?


Even at home, you can purchase items without getting off your chair.

Getting the best deal, however, is not all about obtaining the lowest possible price.

You would surely want to ensure that products will arrive timely and that the quality is just what you expected.

Products must also be backed by a proper warranty, and you will get support from manufacturer or supplier.

When shopping for flight case latch online, you need to be guided accordingly.

Note that there are ways and tips that can help you achieve a successful purchase.

These tips can also ensure your safety and your best interest as a shopper.

The following are essential tips to ponder when shopping for flight case latch online:

  • Use Familiar and Trusted Site

Begin at the most familiar and trusted site instead of shopping for a flight case latch.

If you know a site and it’s proven to be a reliable source, stick to it.

Some sites might show off their enticing offers and sales, but sometimes, these are just their trick to steal your attention and personal information.

If you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on the low-quality flight case latch, use only familiar and trusted website.

You can check out Roche Handle official site for a quality latch for your flight case.

  • Know the Online Supplier’s Reputation

If you already have a trusted store in mind, shopping for case latch from their online store is safe and easy.

You can always keep in touch with the online store in case there are problems on the flight case latch that you purchased.

If you are confident about the online store’s reputation, you are rest assured of the product’s quality.

Take precautions and conduct your own background check.

Yes, a background check can save you a lot of time and money.

  • Avoid Products that are Too Good to be True

Any online store that promises lowest price can be suspicious.

If prices are ultimately low, figure out if the items are offered legally.

When it comes to latches for flight case, check if the product is authentic.

Check if the latch functions perfectly.

To ensure a successful purchase, avoid case latches that are too good to be true.

Remember that disreputable stores might offer absurdly low prices.

But in the end, they will claim that items are out of stock.

  • Use Reliable and Up to Date Internet Security System

Do you want to know one of the best ways to remain safe and secured when shopping online?

It’s by using reliable and up to date internet security system.

Shopping for flight case latch is no exception.

Let your flight case latch online shopping begin!

By following this guide, you are sure to get the best flight case latch that suits your needs and preference.

Case latches are offered in many different physical stores, but the majority of shoppers now resort to placing their orders online.

The reasons behind this are ease and convenience when shopping.

It is because of the following reasons:

  • Access to latches and other related products by just using their computers
  • easy placement of orders
  • convenient payment options
  • exclusive range of products to choose from

To give worth to your hard-earned money, commit only with a trusted latch manufacturer and supplier.

Roche gives you complete selections of premium quality handles and latches to choose from.

For many years, the company has been delivering quality products that perfectly meet the diverse needs of clients.

They hire the most competent professionals dedicated and engaged in manufacturing as well as supplying handles, latches, and more.


Finding the most suitable match for your needs is never an easy thing.

It’s the same when you are choosing for a latch.

There are numerous factors to be considered before one can come up with the best choice.

Individuals who are on the lookout for the most suitable case latch also need to weigh their options.

And, decide on the most viable option to take or invest on.

Your decision and your choices matter.

Additionally, these can also make or break your purchase.

Remember all the ways and tips mentioned in this book so that you will be guided accordingly.

Through this, you will be able to manage coming up with the right buying decision.

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